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I recently managed to get my hands on these gorgeous soft blue suede Koah booties. I love a heel, but I have found that since the car accident Adrian and I were involved in a few weeks ago, I've found it difficult to wear heels for any longer than about an hour without getting really bad backache. So I thought I'd look at the different options available for someone who loves a heel but, for whatever reason, needs a flattie.

This gorgeous taupe pair would look amazing with denim shorts or a dress. The tassle and side zip add interest and make the boots a little more directional despite their simple shape.

For all-out fabulousness, check out this gorgeous snakeskin effect pair. They're dressy whilst still being comfortable enough to wear all day, and such a statement style that a heel isn't really even necessary!
I also found this pair by a brand that is quite new to me. The studding detail and slick black uppers make these the perfect day to night, rock-chic bootie for any occasion. Think worn to gigs with skinny jeans, or toughening up a floral print skirt.
Heels are wonderful and they can do great things for your figure, but the versatility of a flat shouldn't be ignored! These boots are just as fashion-forward as their heeled counterparts....and probably a darn sight more comfy!
Check out all these wonderful styles, and much more, over on Spartoo.
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