Dear Zara, when are you planning to go into sale....?

Edit: Since writing this post, I've just heard that Zara are in SALE online NOW. HOWEVER! The markdowns aren't as agressive as I'd have hoped-the pink blazer I am lusting over has been reduced by a whole £10! Why thanks Zara! And as it's still £70 in the sale I'm going to have to hang out and hope they have some furthers next week! Poor show! Additionally half the stuff I really wanted (i.e the bag above, the orange pencil skirt and pink roll up trousers) haven't even gone in-boo! I shall be taking a trip to my local store on Sunday I expect to check out the range in store; but for now I'll leave it up to you to decide what you think of the first phase of the sale-shop the website here.
Sigh-since I have begun my economy drive, I've been super frugal and not spent a penny on anything from the highstreet. I have rinsed my wardrobe, charity shopped and sold a few bits and bobs on eBay to pay off my credit card. My fashion reinvention has taken the form of a sleeker, more classic style; and of all the shops on the high street, I find Zara hits this ethos the best. Of course I would love to go wild in the aisles of Whistles and Reiss, Jigsaw and Jaeger, but I can only dream about this. Zara is slightly more within budget but I'm not too proud to say I'll be hanging out for the sales. And here's what I've earmarked, starting with this gorgeous colourblocked tote, above. The perfect thing to bring a bit of colour to my daily outfits.

These black peg trousers are something I already own in several guises but you can never have too many pairs of a perfect trouser. I'm also salivating over those leopard print pumps-Unfortch, I bought a pair of leopard loafers from Zara and whilst I adore them, they are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn, sad to say.

Well well-another pair of pegs. See a pattern developing?! I do love a smart trouser, me. These ones are gorgeously neutral and I would wear them either with a cream blouse (and that poppy tote) or with a nice bit o'neon. Lovely.

For example, these pumps! What a lovely colour. Of all the high street I thnk Zara did orange the best this season. If you have a blogroll I am sure you will have seen the orange blazer all over it-I know it's been all over mine. Because it's gorgeous!

Personally I'd pick this punchy pink, mainly because I adore the shape-long line and drapey, slightly boyfriend in style-perfecto. I am actually considering getting this to wear over a dress for a wedding at the end on July-so hurry up and get your sales on please Z!

I adore this whole outfit. I'm not really into skirts but the louche draped jacket makes it look a little undone and super fresh. Those cobalt blue straps on the sandals also make what could be quite an 'officey' look very directional.

Ok I know it's summer, but I have a petulant obsession with winter coats, and I've earmarked this one as one I definitely want to add to the collection.

Skirts again! I like the shape of this one-I'd wear it with a navy silk tee, bare legs and kicky little boots to make it more 'daywear with a touch of luxe.' My Topshop 'antique' boots that I bought in the sales at the start of the year would look perfect with this. Incidentally I've only just realised what a dead ringer they are for the Isabel Marant Dicker boots that I've been coveting but could no way afford. They're really easy to wear being tan and slightly western in styling.

Lovely neutral blouses. Zara does blouses really well and they always feel quite luxe.

Another lovely shopper-this one is less in your face than the first one I picked but I love the little touch of blue piping around the edges.

Another way to pep up a neutrally based outfit-a lovely punchy print scarf. I secretly covet a Louis Vuitton sprouse scarf but at about 10% of the price, this one will have to do.

Finally, a bit of a daring look for me-pink pants?! I bought some pink pants from Topshop Boutique years ago and never wore them; I'd love to say I'd wear these but I'm just not sure. That said, I reckon out of all the possible styles of coloured trouser, this is the perfect one for me, so who knows!
What are you hoping to nab from the summer sales? Or have you got some fab pieces already?
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Unknown said...

i love zara x

Jessica said...

I would like each of those added to my closet too please. Too bad between saving for a couple trips I have planned this year and trying to pay down student loans I'm broke. :(

Anonymous said...

I totally love your blog! its amazing, hun!


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Those tailored brown pants totally remind me of Annie Hall, and I'm lusting after that colorful feather-print scarf! =)

Unknown said...

Zara, I LOVE you!!! These pieces look awsome!!:D

Stop by some time:D


the nyanzi report said...

Great product selection from Zara, One of the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the Zara sale too, their clothes are so classic and stylish and often look like they cost so much more! Although I also bought some of the most uncomfortable shoes ever from there!

Unknown said...

Oooh I'm in love with this brown and blue leather bag!!! <3

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