Blogger Challenge/Sisterhood of the Travelling Blouse...

Hey all! Soz-apologies in advance, this is a picture heavy post! So let me explain!
The gorgeous Alex from Life After 20 sent me an email after she had a really cute idea she wanted me in on. Basically she had the idea to thrift an item, wear it on her blog, and then send it on to me. I would style it my way, and send it on again. Sort of a recycling/upcycling/thrifting styling challenge. Alex is a supercute, teeny tiny aussie chick who has awesome vintage style and she works it on a shoestring budget. She's just the sort of girl I would go thrifting with or have a natter with over tea and cakes. She regularly posts drool-worthy want lists and lovely little outfits she's put together, and she also often posts video blogs which I love to watch-the girl is adorbs. Have a look here to see how she styled the blouse in the first place (and check out her blog, it's totes worth a look and always makes me smile)
I was more than happy to take part and when a cute little red chiffon blouse landed on my doorstep I knew I'd have fun trying to style it out. In fact I had so much fun I decided to do a 'two ways to wear' with it-this isn't obligatory, I just got carried away!
I went first for a 'Glastonbury' inspired festival look. Blates I would be in my wellies if I was Glasto-bound, but even though rain stopped outside play I could still don my heels to pose in our spare room.

Because the blouse is quite long I thought it would be cool worn 'Mossy style' with kicky boots and a belt. I have put some titchy shorts on underneath to protect my modesty (and your retinas from my grundies) but I think if I was at a festival I would still be sure to wear shorty shorts with a tunic like this because who wants to be worrying about flashing their kacks when getting their groove on? Not I.

For a truly boho vibe I stuck some feathers in my hair (well, stuck them to a hair grip-DIY headpieces for zero pence, yes please)

Blouse: Thrifted from Alex
Shorts (underneath): Quiksilver Women
Bangle: Whistles
Ring: Primark
Belt: Zara
Necklace: Vintage
Boots: Topshop
These are the Topshop boots I mentioned yesterday. I love them, they're super comfy and were reduced from £70 to £30. I got them for £27 as Age had his student card handy. They're a pull on style though which means I do need a shoehorn sometimes to get the buggers on! I think they'll be the sort of thing that gets better as I wear them. They certainly seem to benefit from being a little broken in and bashed up.
My second look is much more 'me' and of the two I prefer it because it's something I feel comfortable wearing. I'm never normally that comfortable getting my legs out but now and again it's nice to try-I don't really like my legs, or, I should say, I prefer how they look in trousers. Anyway digressing! This is my second look with the blouse:
Apart from the fact you can see my piggin bra straight through it (thanks flash!) I love, love, love this outfit. The berry red blouse looks so elegant with the grey trousers and I feel very luxe. I tied my hair up and put my specs on and everything-get me!
The little clutch is a Jaeger purse which I use to keep my bus tickets in normally (what class!) It's really too small for anything else and I think was a magazine freebie from yonks ago-probably what started my slow burning but everlasting Jaeger obsession.
Damn you bra! It is Elle Macpherson Intimates so at least it's not a  minging oldie, and I'm not too ashamed to have it on show-it's shining out like a blinking beacon for all to see. Ah well-never said I was perfect! See, this is what happens when I have to haul out the tripod and take my own photo's (Age was out!) No one to tell me, 'Yeah, nice, but I can see your bra.' I'm taking one for the team ladies!

I almost chucked these trousers in the charity shop pile last week. I had a change of heart and I am glad of that-turns out I was wearing them with the wrong things. Tuck in an oversized blouse and suddenly I'm in love with them all over again!

Blouse: Thrifted from Alex
Trousers: Topshop
Clutch: Jaeger
Brooch: Vintage (from Adrian)
Shoes: Staccato
Glasses: Joseph c/o Lensway

If you follow me on Twitter you'll notice I tweeted that I bought my first sale purchases of the season today! Nothing too special but I'll try and show you tomorrow.

Which way do you prefer this blouse styled? I prefer the smarter take but that's only because I am a) predictable and b) love trousers too much to take them off for too long!

Hope you like what I've chosen to do with it!
I hae decided to send it to my Vintage Muse, to see what she will do with it: Over to you, darling Vix....(I know she's at Glasto at the moment so I'm sure she'll do something with it when she gets back on Terra Firma!)

Hope you're all having a great week, and thankyou for all your lovely comments. I'm going to try and reply to you all tomorrow and have a browse through all your gorgeous blogs.
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TheeFknGoddess said...

Thats such a cute idea! :)

Charlotte said...

what a cool idea! Love the boots in your first look and the second one is adorable x

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea! Love both outfits - I've got those topshop trousers and I haven't worn them in ages! You've inspired me to get them out again! xx

Carrie said...

Hey Amie!
I love this top! The color is gorgeous and looks great on you! I like both the looks, it's nice to be able to wear something in such different ways. And you look really lovely in these photos!
<3 Carrie

Alexandra said...

Love both of these. You styled them soo well.
Cant wait to see how Vix does it.

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