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First off, I want to thank everyone who left a lovely comment on yesterdays post. I am pleased to find out I'm not the only one who sometimes feels uninspired or sick to the back teeth of their own wardrobes. It's not even as if I want to buy a whole bunch of new stuff (lie: of course I do, but there's nothing I really need as such, so I am refraining.) I am just finding it hard to visualise outfits I want to wear in amongst what I've got: classic 'wood for the trees' scenario.
Not only have you guys come to my rescue with your kind remarks, I also surfed a few back catalogue images of Chloe shows for inspiration. The Chloe woman is who I aspire to be: sleek, chic, age-appropriate, luxe and glam with a kick of quirk.

I would totally wear this outfit in it's entirety. Despite these bonkers lace up trews, I think this look is both elegant and directional-a tricky combination to master.

Checkit: FLATS. Yes, flats and a drapey suit. In camel. Hello '70's.

This picture hasn't come up very clear but you can see what I mean! Harem trouser, sleek top half,  loose hair and an amazing bag. So hip it hurts.
Back to me, then. I am wearing Zara chino's and a vintage shell top which I'm sure you've seen many times before, possibly not together and certainly not with this Chloe Paddington bag which I've had since the time that an IT bag was the only kind to be seen with. I quite like it's ostentatious charm and squishy exterior-can't fit bugger all inside it but I suppose it's all about the look, rather than any semblance of practicality. On top of everything I feel chic in this outfit, which I think instantly makes me feel good about wearing it. And that's the main thing, no? Not overly interesting, it's a given, but clean shapes and classic cuts.

Speaking of all things nude, I can't believe I forgot to tell you a sight I saw yesterday: A very large group of women and men out on a naked bike ride. Yes, that's what my first thought was too-where on earth do they put their, um, bits? Well, dear reader, lucky for you I was on the reportage front line to bring this important piece of information to you. A smiling and rather over-enthusiastic middle aged chap pedalled furiously past Adrian and I on a unicycle and I can confirm, far from sitting his tackle atop the bike seat like a poodle on a cushion, these naked pedalers seemed content to squash them over to one side-presumably the side to which they dress but we can not, of course, be entirely sure. A huge crowd had gathered to point, laugh, and take photos, and in the melee I couldn't quite grasp the meaning of the naked bike ride-one can only assume it's a charity thing. All I can be sure of is that I saw more bouncing breasts and waggling willies than I think I have ever clocked in my life. I didn't know where to look-I felt like a pervert! Isn't it silly-a group of people in their birthday suits and we're all running for cover. So British, isn't it: it just doesn't do to be naked, especially in public. I doff my proverbial hat to these brave chaps for daring to bare-at least they had the weather for it.

So today Adrian has jollied off up to London and, whilst he will be back this evening, I have the day off work and so need to find things to occupy myself. I have already given myself the obligatory workout by striding to the town centre with post to send and 3 large bags of donations for my favourite local charity shop. I am going to clean the flat and attempt more wardrobe sorting, but prior to this I am catching up with my blogroll and watching a spot of Wimbledon. Lovely.
I have decided I shall be buying the Jaeger pumps I have seen, but only when I have cleared my credit card. So I have been listing furiously on eBay and ASOS Marketplace over the last couple of days and I hope to find more things to put toward the fund. I hate being skint-I am normally quite good with money but unexpected expenses (read: car) have a nasty habit of springing up and munching away on my hard earned readies. Still, not to worry-I'll get there.
Are you guys looking forward to the summer sales? I wrote a piece on sale shopping YONKS ago for ASOS which you can have a read of here, if you like. It was kind of a 'sale survival guide' which I do try to use as a benchmark for my own shopping, otherwise it can be easy to go beserk and spend loads on stuff you'll regret having later. 

I need to sort my jewellery collection out too. I have quite a bit but I seem to be wearing the same things on repeat. I have recently discovered several new brands: Bjorg (not to be confused with the tennis player/baby products supplier!) 13 Jewellery and Luxla, who the gorgeous Giselle from Style of a Fashionista wears a lot.
How lovely is this dress? I know, right-a dress, how often do I wear one of those! Safe to say, if I had this one, I'd wear it!

Hope you all have a great Monday! And thanks again for all the comments I really do appreciate them so much!
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