Maroon & Camel....

I feel very 'little old lady' in this get up. I absolutely love this oversized shirt, and with the skinny pants, pop socks, (yes, really!) and headscarf, I think my grandma's would be proud (one was Grandma, one was Mammon.) They were both very different but both had an incredible sense of style which is apparent when I look back at photographs of them in their youth. Both were incredibly beautiful and both had careers and raised families in circumstances which may not always have been ideal.
My mum says that I have inherited her mother's (Mammon's) colours-I wear a lot of camel, mustard, beige, tan, cream-very much 'her' colours and the exact opposite of the colours my mum wears-it's like they skipped a generation! My favourite memories of her were sitting in one of her many bathrooms looking at her collection of soaps, which she kept in huge glass jars. They smelled amazing and if I was good I was allowed to have one. I would watch in fascination as she did her hair-even in her later years, she wore her hair incredibly long and would wind it up into a chignon and pin it to the back of her head, before spraying it with copius amounts of Ellnette-a smell which instantly reminds me of her.

My other Grandma, my Dad's mum, was also incredibly trendy and stunningly beautiful in her youth. She retained her sense of style in many ways as she got older, and when she died I was lucky enough to be given some of her clothes. She had excellent taste and as a result the Pringle, Aquascutum, Dior and vintage Burberry pieces have made their new home in my wardrobe.

So the shirt, in maroon, is another effort on my behalf to start colour blocking. It hasn't come out very well in these pics, but it is a gorgeous colour and I really like it. I don't often wear many dark colours but I like how this looks on me and now it matches my hair!

I have started turfing out my vintage jewellery as well and I found this lovely pink and red beaded necklace which sits really well against the colour of the shirt. I have a few really cool tribal style pieces which I know will be great for spring, I am hoping to find something fringed to wear, maybe a waistcoat, but as yet I am still on the hunt for that. I have an enamelled tribal drop necklace and a feathered dream catcher which I am looking forward to wearing.

Coat: George at Asda Blouse, Skinny Pants: Gap Shoes: Primark Necklace, Scarf: Vintage

Today I have spent the day cleaning the flat, handwashing my wooly jumpers (how much of a faff is that?!?) and then catching up with all the great new blogs out there. Remember to leave your url in the comments box if you're a fellow blogger and I will try to visit you and leave you a comment! Thankyou for all the positive remarks about my new layout! :)

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Nicole Martin said...

Love the outfit (': & when my grandad sadly passed- most of his clothes found a new place in my wardrobe.
Nicole xox

Anonymous said...

Wow you're so lucky to have your Grandma's clothes - proper vintage, she must've been so stylish. I love the new layout btw x

heartshapedbruise. said...

Loving your new blog look - very nice indeed :)

This outfit is gorgeous - I love the shirt. Maroon/berry/similar is one of my favourite colours at the moment. It's not a colour I've ever worn before, but am loving it for some reason recently.

Gotta say, that coat looks so much more expensive than Asda! Can't go wrong with that :)

Kheira said...

Love your coat!

Poppy said...

I'd love to see some pictures of your Grandma and Mammon in their youths! x

eelectroCutee said...

great coat!!! I've always like your outfit selection.. :D

bm said...

love your coat ;)

Anonymous said...

what a great coat... i want that!

amy leah
the coquetiquette

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