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Hey everyone :)
Hope everyone's had a good day...Mary Portas' Secret Shopper is on tonight! Who will be watching? I watched it last week and I thought it was pretty good, though I don't think a lot of people realise what hard work retail is. Obviously we are the front line of the service industry and we are there to help people; which is an aspect of retail that I love. What I don't love, is being yelled at, abused, or have clothes or any other items thrown at me, having my personal space invaded, not being thanked, being tutted at, huffed at or pushed out the way. Notwithstanding all this, I do love my job. But it is easy to watch programmes like Secret Shopper and think that it is all down to the Sales Assistants to make shopping a pleasurable experience; we need to remember it goes both ways! Having said that there is no excuse for rudeness, which is why I always make sure to smile and be happy and polite and courteous at work, and hope it is returned.

Which brings me to a situation that arose yesterday...I couldn't believe my experience in my local Topshop. I was returning some clogs that I bought a couple of weeks ago, and, to be fair, they had been reduced by a LOT-they were down to £7 in the sale. But they were so high, I knew I wouldn't wear them, and I'd seen some trousers I thought I would get more wear from instead. But the woman at the till wouldn't have it! 'WHY are you returning these? Surely you could get more money on eBay' (I did consider this, but after a quick look through, the same pair in the same size didn't seem to be going for very much, so I didn't bother.) She continued 'These were £70. I can't believe it. You're mad.' I felt about as big as an ant...I could feel my face getting redder and redder, I was so embarrassed. As it was, I meekly protested that they were too high for me and a little uncomfortable, to which I got this: 'OMG, well I just wore mine around the house with socks to break them in, it's worth it.' ALRIGHT LOVE, I GET THE PICTURE! This is what I felt like saying, but didn't! To cap it all, she did my exchange and then wandered off to what I can only assume must be the staff room, announcing at the top of her voice: 'RIGHT THEN! Who's a size 4? You'll NEVER believe what's been returned....' Abysmal.
Granted, this is a one off I suppose-in the Topshop I used to shop in before I moved, the girls were always impeccably dressed, friendly and eager to please. I love going in there to see what they're wearing and get some inspiration. But this has definitely left a bad taste...surely we should be allowed to make returns sans judgement?!

This is a vintage bead necklace, I had a couple that I had forgotten about so I thought I'd wear this one today. I am very grey today, I wanted to wear my green trousers again today but they were still damp from the wash! Maybe tomorrow...

Jacket: Topshop Cardigan, Necklace, Headscarf: Vintage Blouse, Cigarette Pants: Gap Shoes: Staccato

How dark is my hair looking! I think it is actually getting lighter, so I'm guessing it must be the camera!

I don't know what's come of my photo's today...some of them have come out ok, others a bit dark! I hope you like them anyway...!
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Paint it Black said...

Loving the headscarf looks awesome on you your hair is getting so long.

I have had enough of the whole Mary portas thing customers keep using it at work as a weapon and like you said respect earns respect. I will always take the customers rudeness I have leant to ignore it but this Secret Shopper thing seems to have turned customers into power hungry weridos lol. Have you checked out the website my store has been mentioned a few times xoxo

Nicole Martin said...

Love the outfit. & when i read the title it just reminded me of shrek (':

Alex said...

cute outfit :)

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