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I have been pretty much camped out at the Boy's house at the moment because I live on top of a hill and with all the icy weather and threats of snow it has been safer to stay at his. And I just like being there anyway, it's so nice to hang out with him, though I have been trying not to disturb him too much since he has loads of illustration work to do. I have been keeping myself busy a) pillaging the local charity shops, b) finishing up my Christmas shopping, and c) sitting on the sofa drinking giant mugs of tea and watching daytime TV. Bliss.

I am actually wearing my late gran's trousers in this pic. When she died I was given some of her things and when I wear them I feel close to her. I like the fact that I wear things in  a different way to she would-I imagine she looks down and laughs at some of the ways I have styled her clothes!

I have been looking online for things I want for christmas and I've found loads, I want to win the lottery so I can buy them all. I have bought all my family's presents and all the small ones for the Boy but I just need to work out what to get him for his main present! Which I haven't yet!

Trousers, Cardi: Vintage Pumps: Primark Tee:QSW Jewellery/Watch: Vintage

This is the Boy's sofa and I love it, it's so squishy and comfy :) Perfect for curling up on in the cold weather!
Hope you're all staying warm
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Alexandra said...

i really like this outfit and the story behind it.

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Very cute photos. I like the outfit, as much as I can see, a standing one would be cool :-) btw I live on top of the hill as well and not fun in this weather at all. Not fun at all :-)


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