Saturday Night....

This is what I wore last night, which was why there was no blog post-I worked and then went straight out! This is a pic that the boy took, I'm sorry it's not very clear but I always forget to take photo's with my real camera at appropriate opportunities!
I am wearing faux leather trousers from Topshop, leopard print blazer from River Island, White tee from Gap and Vintage Dior clutch. The belt is also Topshop. We had an amazing night and ended up dancing until 3.30am at which point we hit the classiest kebab establishment in town for a garlic bread pizza, yummy! I crawled into bed just after 4 and then had to be up for work today...sheesh! Needless to say I am looking forward to a relaxed evening in tonight!
Proper photo's tomorrow, promise!

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Alexandra said...

Love the blazer. Sounds like a great night!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, glad you had a good night! x

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