Sometimes I really like a simple look. I haven't worn dresses for ages but I have been trying to get back into them, it's hard when it's so cold! But this one is quite good for everyday and evening. Apologies for the crap photo, I thought I didn't have my camera with me, so took lots of crappy phone pics, only to find my camera in my bag about 2 hours later, oops!

The dress is H&M and is a very baggy sacky style with a drawstring to pull it in, but I used a belt as well for emphasis.

Dress: H&M Shoes: Primark Socks: Pringle Jewellery: Vintage Belt: Zara

Sorry this post is so late, I have finally found my computer cable so am able to edit my phone posts on my netbook which is loads easier. I have been busy tonight doing my 'official band photographer' thing which I loveeeee doing (it's always funny!) but that, plus a Sex and the City double bill equals: late blog posts!


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