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Here are the shoes that I was talking about in my previous post. I must admit, I have reservations about how comfortable they will be-but I am willing to forgo this since a) they are exactly what I have been looking for for ages and b) they only cost £2. 
I am hoping they will be comfy enough to wear to work. Like Victoria Beckham I have a bunion (ick-at least I am in good company!) and often find court shoes make it painful. But I will give it a go!
I also wanted to share with you guys the latest product I will be trying out in my quest for eternal youth (ha!) which is this moisturiser by Biotherm. It was sent to me by a very good friend of mine, Lina, who also writes a kicky little beauty blog that you can see here.I have recently got into using beauty serums-I particularly like No.7 Protect and Perfect, though I am also using an Olay one and a Dior one which are both very good. However, my skin felt too oily with the serum and then a moisturiser over the top-anyone else finding this? Lina gave me some great tips on application (use only 1 pump from the bottle, if your skin is damp, it will go further) and on how to then apply moisturiser over the top (wait until the serum has completely soaked in, don't mix the serum with the moisturiser and apply all together.) She suggested I try this Biotherm moisturiser as is isn't too oily and so I should see a difference when applying it over the serum. I'll keep you posted.
I have a couple of other beauty updates for you as well:
-the Rimmel London Lash Accellerator Mascara has definitely made my lashes longer-and continues to do so. I swapped it out for a Clinique one for a couple of weeks, as my only criticism of it would be that it doesn't make your lashes appear any thicker, which I did find that the Clinique one did. However, on going back to the Lash Accellerator, I couldn't believe the difference it made to the length of my lashes after only a couple of days re-use-they looked like falsies and I loved it. I would definitely recommend this product-stick with it if you don't see results immediately.
-the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks have also had a lot of use over the last few weeks-I love the shades especially 'undressed' which is like a warm peachy nude tone which I really think suits me. They do last really well and don't feather or bleed either.
-the Topshop Makeup Liner hasn't fared so well-it created a lovely black line and the nib was really thick and easy to control, but a couple of weeks in it has nearly dried up. I do use it everyday-but would have hoped it would have lasted a little longer than it has. On the plus side, the line it created on my eyes did stay put all day, and I work in a busy retail environment where most makeup slides clean off and I am on the re-application by lunchtime! So can anyone recommend me a decent eyeliner?!
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iUnderEye said...

Loving those courts and LOVING biotherm even more! xx



Paint it Black said...

Those shoes are gorgeous I find courts shoes uncomfortable too. Fab cream cant wait to hear how you get on with it xoxo

eelectroCutee said...

woo.. I like great shoes with cheap price... :D

Abbey said...

£2?!!! Really? Wow! They are gorgeous!

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