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Sundays are the best, don't you think? I have spent the day in my chunkiest knitwear watching recorded X Factor and eating Pain Aux Chocs and Teacakes and drinking copious cuppa's whilst getting beaten by the Boy at Scrabble. Perfect. I am looking forward to tonight's X Factor, who is going to get the boot!? I always get sucked into these shows and then can't not watch them-last night the Boy and I went to my parent's house because it is my dad's birthday today so we went round for a chinese takeaway and to see my brothers, which was lovely. But we obviously had to record the X Factor to watch today!
The boy took these pics for me because I haven't got my camera with me so I'm having to use my phone, so I'm sorry for the crap quality! Hope you get kind of the idea though!
Jumper: Sainsbury's Tailback Tee: Quiksilver Skinny Trousers: Gap Ballet Pumps: Primark Chanel Brooch: DIY Jewellery: Vintage
 I rave about this jumper because I have worn it soo much, it's unreal and it has kept it's shape really well. I have seen a lovely chunky cardigan I like in Topshop with slouchy pockets, but it is £45 and I am trying to be good with my money at the moment. It's a nice feeling to not constantly be thinking about my overdraft, and that's where I want to get to! I've sold a few pieces on eBay which was a wrench but I know it will be worth it when I have a bit of money saved up.
 Speaking of which, how cute it this brooch? I used some ribbon my friend gave me to make it. I just attached a little badge pin on the back and hey presto, a fancy brooch! It's sparkly and pretty and perfect for the festive season, and took about 3 mins to make! I also have another piece of Chanel ribbon which I use as a headband sometimes, sometimes the simplest things are the most effective! Keep an eye out especially towards Christmas, department stores and beauty counters often wrap products up with festive little touches like this which you can then re-use!
 Finally I just thought I'd share with you a recent purchase. I have been on the hunt for a pretty pair of ballet flats for ages-I had the Topshop nude ones for ever until they wore out, and was thinking of getting another pair the same when I found these. They are soft, supple, camel and black (the hottest colour combo ever) toecapped (how Chanel) with just the right amount of hardwear (tiny gold studs) and they were from....let me eat some humble pie...Primark! Shhh..I know I am a total hypocrite because I bang on about how I don't ever shop there. But I went in to pick up an umbrella, as I had lost mine and in this weather one is definitely needed-and I am trying to save money, so although I liked the look of one in Topshop, I couldn't justify the £15 price tag. So being as I am useless with brollies and either lose them, break them, shut them in the car door, let them blow inside out, leave them places, etc, I thought it would be more prudent to spend less on one I was likely to break anyway, hence the reason I popped into Primark. Where I found a very trendy leopard print number with a crook handle and in a large size for just £3. I was happy with that! On my way to the checkout I had a quick look at the products on offer-I'll be fair, they have done well with their catwalk copies this season, and I saw some pieces that I really liked, and also some handbags that looked far more expensive than they were (or felt.) However the quality always lets Primark down for me, but what do you expect for a few quid, I suppose. I'm a terribly 'touchy' shopper in that I have to feel everything and I like to know that I am buying something that feels good quality, and nothing that I liked in Primark did-lots of flimsy jersey, scratchy sequins and plasticky faux-leather. BUT! I did find a pair of faux-suede mid heel grey courts, the sort of thing I have been looking for for absolutely ages, but could I find? Non. They were reduced to £2 so I didn't mind giving them a whirl for that price. I'll post some pics shortly! And these lovely squishy ballet flats which just about fulfill my requirements for a ballet shoe and cost a mere £8. I did 9 hours in them on Saturday and can confirm that they are extremely comfortable! 
Hope you guys have had a lovely weekend 
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