Baggy Trousers....

I wore this outfit the other day and didn't get round to posting it! So here it is. I have had a good wardrobe clear out and whilst doing so I came across a few of my Quiksilver bits that I had put away in storage since I finished working for them. I forgot how much I loved them, and it was nice to get them out and wear them again! I am also wearing the Fin Oslo trousers I bought from ASOS, which I am completely in love with-they are amaaaazing!

One of the pieces is this gorgeous parka. When the weather is wet but not too cold it is ideal, and as my shearling aviator doesn't have a hood, more practical. I love it!
Speaking of gorgeous, have you guys all entered my competition to win a pair of fabulous MaxMara sunglasses? They are amazing and I want them to go to a good home, so all my lovely followers should definitely enter to be in with a chance of winning them! You can do so here.

I also found this amazing tailback tee with studded shoulders, which is hidden under my sweater but is so comfy and I love the colour-it is called 'chainmail' and is like a muddy peachy brown. I love the new Quiksilver Women's collection for AW2010/11 but since I don't work for Quiks any more I don't get my discount! However there are still some great pieces that I have my eye on :)
I am pleased to report as well that I wore my £2 Primark shoes for 9 hours today, I could hardly believe it but suddenly it was the end of the day and I hadn't had to change my shoes, what a treat! I am so glad they were comfy!

Parka, Tee: Quiksilver, Jumper: Sainsburys, Belt: Zara, Chino's: Fin Oslo, Shoes: Staccato, Faux Fur Turban: Primark Jewellery: Vintage

Can you spot me?! Hiding amongst the last tomato plants of summer! Who would have thought they would still be growing in November!?

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eelectroCutee said...

love your baggy pants.. I think, I need to buy baggy pants.. :D

Sally said...

These trousers look oh so comfy! Love the look.

Rosie Savage said...

absolutely love this outfit :) the baggy trousers make your style different to what's around at the moment!
love your blog layout as well :)
thanks for following! of course I'm following back now,

Rosie x

Abbey said...

Baggy trousers are hard to get right but I love this outfit!!! I think they look perfect with the heels.

amie k said...

Thanks ladies! I wasn't sure how these would be recieved but I am glad you liked them! xoxo

becca said...

The sweater!
Oh, cute cute cute.

I saw your little header photo and thought to myself, "oh okay, I like her."
some people don't get the "quirky-awesome" vibe a whole lot, but you rock it!

nice to meet you :)

Paint it Black said...

Those trousers look fab on you and I am really loving that jumper what a great buy. Love your new header btw xoxo

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