So, a couple of weeks ago I was harping on about this coat I'd seen, which I wanted to buy as my new winter accoutrement, but was having deliberations over the price. Well, I eventually bought it, (eek!) so thought it only fair to share it with you, seeing as in order to get my money's worth from it, I will be wearing it EVERY SINGLE DAY of the winter, and maybe beyond. Here is the picture of it on the website, at which point I knew I had to make it mine....
...How beautiful is this?
I loved the simplicity of it, the colous and the shape of the collar. I also loved that it wasn't a stereotypical 'aviator' jacket (Primark's already jumped on this bandwagon). I loved the zips, and the little bit of quilting under the arms. And just everything about it, really. Except the price. But I made my choice and paid my money, and a good thing, too, as it is currently SOLD OUT online.
Perhaps I should explain a little about the is ASOS WHITE, which is the new ASOS diffusion after BLACK and PREMIUM that they do. It is a range of luxe, simplistic pieces, which is not only completely in keeping with the new season, it is also completely in keeping with the way I dress. So it was no surprise to find that I loved it all, particularly coveting a suede one-shouldered dress in a seasonally punchy shade of corally-orange (colour? Moi?!) and a pair of silk peg trousers that, while I am aware I will only have to look at to crease, does not dispute the fact that I WANT THEM.
So I was a little perturbed when my UBER expensive coat (seriously, the most money I've EVER spent on one item) turned up in THIS:

Yes folks, that is correct-a placcy bag with a snazzy handle. Oh ASOS! I've bought from you many times before and at least had the decency to have my goods arrive BOXED. This binbag-esque packaging reeks of cheap, and is no way to deliver an expensive coat...where's my suit bag avec padded hanger, eh? To add to my grumps there was no receipt inside, and the coat was packaged in a clear plastic wrapper with a dirty great white sticker proclaiming 'stone sheerling aviator jacket' on it. You'd think that they'd get the spelling right, even if they DID scrimp on the packaging. ASOS WHITE: Great product, POOR packaging. Which you wouldn't think would make a difference, but it did kind of take the edge off my purchase.

Until (natch) I got the coat out and put it on. OMG. This coat is amazing, and definitely worth my initial outlay. Initially I thought I'd been diddled and the lining was fake,(it isn't) until I realised that I'd never actually come across a sheepskin jacket so well made and of such high quality. The leather is washed, so it feels supple and is literally butter soft, it drapes like a £1700 coat and makes me think of Burberry/Rick Owens, the quality really is wonderful. The fit is dreamy and it INSTANTLY makes every item of clothing I own ten times better with its presence. As you will see in forthcoming outfit posts, it has not left my back since I bought it, despite the changing weather actually making it too warm to wear (dammit!)
What do you guys think? Like it? What will your winter coat choice be this winter?
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Poppy said...

LOVE it! Want it for myself actually.. will be pursuing it on ASOS with caution!

Waveney said...

I want it!

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