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I haven't been a very good blogger lately, I seem to be able to manage a post every two days at the moment, which is useless, hopeless and crap, and I apologise for it. I seem to have too much of a wildly hectic social life to commit to blogging every single day without fail-I don't know how you guys manage it, but can you give me a few tips!?
So yesterday I didn't post because I worked all day and then went to the Boy's, squeezed in a quick shower and did my hair all nice, watched Strictly and X Factor and then we went off to watch the Boy's flatmate Daz play in his band, and very good they were too. It's the Dazzlers birthday on Monady so then we went out for a drink afterwards and then me and the Boy went home where I wrapped up a Happy Birthday teacake for Daz for when he returned home (he stayed out and got more drunken).
This isn't what I wore out, but it's an outfit post from Friday I think that I didn't get round to sharing. I'd got half way through my pics when my coat arrived, and you'll see the results of that later.
My hair is a complete frizz bomb here, but I am actually learning to really like my hair the length it is at the moment. I am calling it a 'Chob' which means a 'chunky bob' in the style of Olivia Palermo, Cheryl Cole (though I see she's whacked in the extensions again for X Factor, Nooooo Chezza!) Amanda Holden, Denise VO, Freja (the model) and so on. It is the 'sleb hairdo du-jour, and I rather like it. Though mine in this set of pics is more frizzbro than sleeksleb, it does get better, promise. I actually think it suits me better than when I had it long. I work with a gorgeous young lady who is also considering getting her (very) long locks snipped off, a couple of months ago I would have said unreservedly, DON'T DO IT, but actually now, I have begun to love mine so much, I think it would look stunning on her. Mid-length hair is certainly having a moment, and I like that. I think it is a little bit fresher than long hair, which everyone seems to have...I mean, I longed for my long hair back to begin with, but now I'm through that horrid 'grown out' stage, I am really starting to love the versatility of a mid-length 'do. Where do you guys stand on short Vs long?
Bag: Dolmo, Satin Jacket: Stella McCartney, Trousers: Warehouse, Clogs: Jones, Blouse, QSW.
My nextdoor neighbours cat turned up as I was halfway through taking my photo's. I have a weird story about him, he's ever so friendly even though he isn't mine, and comes over a lot. He is a relative newcomer, and before they got him, we used to have a dog, who thought he was a cat (following?) basically, our dog was called Barney, and he was the runt of the litter, a little scrap of fluff with huge paws and a wonky ear. He didn't like hanging out with other dogs, and used instead to find his cat friend, one of a pair of boys we had. The cat he was best friends with was also the runt-he was a skinny little rascal who ate like a horse but whose bones poked out at the sides, unlike his brother who became a huge kingpin of the neighbourhood and was a massive mostrosity of a cat. The cats were called Han and Solo (my dad loves Star Wars a bit) and Han and Barney became really close-Han would go and curl up with Barney in his basket and drape himself all over him, lying across his nose, on his back, on his head, etc. We would watch them out of the kitchen window and they would play 'hide and seek' with each other, Han would trot off somewhere and after a little while, Barney would go and find him. They were quite inseperable and it was lovely to see. Barney wasn't really the same after Han died, he obviously lost a truly great buddy. Barney was a very humanly-natured dog, a bit like a child, he had a lot of very humanistic character traits, which you could really see in his face, unlike any dog I've had before, Barns was the most 'wanting' to please and always needed attention and fussing. He lived to a ripe old age and my whole family was devastated when he had to be put down, due to a problem with his hip and back which basically meant his hip slowly disintergrated over time, and for a long time he walked on 3 legs but eventually the other leg started to go as well and he couldn't get up to eat or go to the toilet. It was very sad.
I've come off the point a bit, but a year or so after he died, we sort of 'adopted' this cat of our neighbour's who kept on popping round, he displayed a lot of the traits Barney had had, so it was quite nice to see that as it is unusual to for a cat to be so 'needing' of attention from people, they're such independant creatures usually. And he is well behaved, if he tried to come in the house and you say, 'NO!', he'll sit and look at you as if to say, 'Oh. Alright then.'
It wasn't til recently when talking to our neighbour that we found out what their cat was called-Barney. Weird huh!
Barney the cat. A re-incarnated dog perhaps?
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Rebecca said...

Great outfit love the clogs!
When I had my hair cut above the shoulder and a couple years back when I had it cut shorter I regretted it ever so much I'm really trying to grow it out but the longest it will go is just past my shoulders boo hoo :( xx

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