It's That Cardigan Again...

But I buttoned it up wonky for a quirky look. Though I think it looked more like I had just buttoned it up wonky by accident! 

I do love it though, it's sooo warm! I have been on the lookout for some decent knitwear for winter, I have this one and I also found a gorgeous dipped back, cable knit cardigan in Sainsbury's which I've added to the knitwear pile for the season :)
I have also been wearing these leopard pumps sooo much, I feel this outfit is a little tame, I seem to be wearing a lot of the same things at the moment but I am really struggling with the transitional weather and seasons changing and feeling a little uninspired, I can't wait for proper 'winter' to begin so I can wear all my lovely layers :)
I forgot to mention in my haul post earlier (don't quite know how, haha!) that the YSL Rive Gauche skirt I won on eBay arrived today, it is lovely and fits so well. I'm sure you'll be seeing it soon!
Cardigan, Bag: Vintage, Trousers, Belt, Loafers: Zara
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Rebecca said...

I adore this outfit! Now that I know Zara sells those trousers I can go take a look it's either trousers or a shirt- planning my outfit a few months early for the clothes show :L xx

Catita said...

Great look! you look lovely

P. said...


youre blog is so cute!!!and amazing!!!!!!!!

i follow you do you want to follow me?¿

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