Hen Night Fail!

Me and my gorgeous friend Law were going to go out for a hen night on Saturday night, which was why I couldn't post, as I'd gone straight from work. But it was an epic fail, because our lovely friend Ruth, who was the hen, suffered a phone failure during the day, and no one else had my or Law's numbers, and we didn't have anyone elses from the party! So we had arranged to meet in town as Law and I had had work all day, but then hen party had kicked off around lunchtime. The outcome was that neither group could contact the other,so we ended up missing eachother and not seeing the Hens at all! Which was sad because we were really excited, but it was lovely to see Law and catch up with her. We ended up going back to the Boys flat (I had the keys) and having a cuppa and then Law's boyfriend came to fetch her, and I waited up until 2am for the Boy to come back from his holiday, it was soooo lovely to see him and he had a good time away but it was wonderful to have him back because I missed him sooo badly! So a big cuddle was the order of the evening, I wasn't even tired after power-napping through the Football League show! Result!

Ruth's hen night theme was Hawaiian, which I failed on as I am useless at theme fancy dress like that, but Law and I both agreed that we were glad we didn't go all out on the hula theme as it would have looked rather bizarre, just two of us wandering round the local town in grass skirts and coconuts. WE would have looked coconuts! So, Law managed to pull together a better outfit than me (at least hers featured florals!) but I cheated with cerise shoes, pink lippie and a big flower in my hair. I really need to start learning to do colour!

Photo Credit: Elrowe
Scarf (on bed), Top: Vintage, Blazer: Topshop, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: M&S, Flower (in hair) Accessorize.
In last minute desperation for a little bit of colour to make my Hawaiian hula a bit more, I made a foray into the Marks & Spencer's outlet on my lunch hour at work and happened upon these super cute little strappy sandals with a wooden demi wedge heel. The best part, not only were they suitably luau-wow in colour, they were also reduced from £29.99 to £2.49! Thank you M&S!

Doesn't Law look amazing? She has the wardrobe that I'm most jealous of out of all my friends. And she always looks amazing, and she's teeny tiny so print looks incredible on her, AND she writes a fabulous blog too that you can read here.
Her outfit: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: H&M, Bag: Vintage (I think!)
Even though I missed seeing Ruth on the hen night, I hardly ever get to see Law so it was lovely to have a proper gossip and catch up with her! I shall be back to normal posting tomorrow after a hectic weekend-I am hopeful my coat will arrive, seeing as it has now SOLD OUT online, I am soooo glad I bought it!
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Lina said...

Shoes H&M??! They're gorge. I wonder if H&M shoes would fit me, can't believe I've never considered them before.. xxx

Anonymous said...

Nice pics and nice info. Hen Night London has all the glitz and glamour making it the ideal place for organizing a memorable hen night.

LNOF said...

So many Hen Night Themes have been over done, a Hawaiian theme is such a fresh alternative! Nice pics too! Love the fairy lights!

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