Just Like The Movies....

I am loving this cinematic grainy photo effect I found on my photo editor! I think it gives the pictures a really vintage-y quality that I love!
Hello all, just a couple of quick catch-up posts today. I have the day off today and tomorrow so I'm hoping this will give me the chance to get my blog updated a little since I missed blogging over the weekend. Plus the boy is at school this week so unfortch I can't hang out with him during the day as I would normally do/like to! I'm irritated today as well because the day dawned gorgeously sunny and now it is raining and has been for the last 3 hours. Sigh.

This is a work outfit post, you must be getting sick of this cardigan by now! I actually haven't worn it for nearly a week, I felt like I'd over-worn it a little bit actually. Something I never wear are these boyfriend chino's, I'm not sure why as I actually quite like them. I tend to steer clear of grey bottom-half's which is funny as I love grey, but I'm never sure about it on a trouser level-I prefer black, navy or camel.

Cardigan, Boyfriend Chino's: Gap, Shoes: Staccato, Scarf: Vintage.

I like that my hair is getting long enough to wear in a little topknot or a side bun. I was despairing not being able to tie it up, but it seems to have finally reached the right length. Phew. Now I'm unsure as to what to do with the colour, I usually go darker for winter but last time I dyed my hair dark I didn't like it at all and I really felt washed out by it. So I might go for more blonde instead!
Have a lovely day
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