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Today I had the day off and had to take my car to be serviced, this coupled with having to by tax for aforementioned vehicle, PLUS the PURCHASE, YES PURCHASE of a VERY expensive coat, means I am bang outta funds! Yikes!
Yeah I couldn't resist buying my coat...I was even cheeky and tweeted ASOS asking for a discount code...and got one! I shall be blogging more about the coat when it arrives...:D It is the most beautiful piece of clothing I've ever seen, I hope you'll agree!

The weather is still quite transitional and I dug out this leather gilet I got last year from ASOS. Layered over a vest it provided a surprising amount of warmth! I am really feeling the Isabel Marant/Stella McCartney minimalism at the moment and I plan to wear these trousers with a biscuit coloured v-neck knit that I've clapped my eyes on at work, which would also work with this gilet, actually. I shall post pics when I get it! Which probably won't be for a while, judging by the state of my bank account!

Leather Gilet: ASOS Vest:Topshop Trousers:Gap Socks:H&M Belt: Vintage Dior Shoes:Topshop

I have to make a quick note about these shoes. They are the original Topshop Slam shoes that were so huge when they launched a couple of years ago. I bought a faux pair from Primark which were SO uncomfotable and got trashed really quickly that I ended up buying 2 pairs of 'real' ones from Topshop, in hot pink suede and these caramel/tan leather ones. These are a size 4 and have just got bigger and bigger as I've worn them, my pink ones are a 3 and fit me perfectly but I loved the brown, and there were no size 3's left! So now I can only wear them with socks or they slip off! The perils of small feet eh!

I forgot to say the other day, I got a TWEET from the Cosmo Ed, Louise! We were tweeting about the Jaeger show on LFW and all she wrote in reply to me was 'lovely' but I felt the need to retweet and shout about it, haha! I am a little sad that LFW is over, I really enjoyed watching all the shows on the live stream, and also have a couple still to review and write up.

Today I also had a sneaky peek of Primark's AW10 collection. Some of the pieces actually look really nice! I am such a snob about Primark though-I hardly ever shop there, maybe because my local one is huge and therefore you see a lot of people wearing the same product. However, they had a decent selection of fashion forward items. I particularly rated a pair of baby cord shorts and a bird print jumpsuit-cute! So perhaps I'll have to rethink my Primarni snobbery come the new drops of product in October!

I am missing the Boy dreadfully he has been away since Monday and is coming back on Sunday. I think I find it particularly hard when he goes away, because he hardly ever does! And we see each other every day usually so it is very weird not seeing him. I think he is having a good trip with his friends though! And I cannot WAIT to have him back :)
I am also getting backlogged with outfits to post, because I have been posting a lot about LFW and various other things I've been unable to put up as many outfits as I'd like! Also there will be no post tomorrow as I am out on a dear friend (and dance partners!) Hen night, which should be great fun, but I'm going straight from work to a friends and then on into town so I'll have no chance to get to my computer. There will probably be no post on Sunday either, cos THE BOY IS BACK, YAY! And I have to work all day and then I imagine I'll go to his house to catch up, can't wait! Promise normal service will resume on Monday though guys!
Have a great weekend
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this new coat of yours..!

Waveney said...

I'm DYING to see this coat!!
My boy came home today after 5 days and was in such a tired bad mood, it was a total anticlimax! Hope your reunion is more pleasant!

Missariadne said...

Lovely style!

Simone Rennard said...

Cool blog! I love the way you take your shots :)

Alexandra said...

I love this outfit, god you look so good in all your posts!!!!

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