Spend It, Wear It, Badge It, Love It.....

What with accessorising being the cheapest way of updating one's outfit, imagine the joy I felt when the boy and I stumbled across a basket of ageing but oh-so-current vintage badges in our local charity shop (one which we don't usually go to as it is way across town, but oh, what a treat that we did today). £1.20 later and we were the proud owners of 12 of the finest vintage retro badges you could ever imagine, and I wasted no time in pinning a bright yellow 'pony mad' pony club one to my lapel. Well, if it's good enough for Luella.....

In other news, I've succumbed to the lure of the Next Directory, caved in and bought a couple of key pieces from the feature Elle spread. I know, I'm a sucker for a nicely merchandised catalogue. I'm not sure how these things will look on me, (I'm certainly no model) but I figure a faux leather skirt will toughen up kicky little heels and a chiffony top nicely for the upcoming party season (gotta think ahead now) whilst a button down denim shirt dress will work well with a pair of matte pvc leggings that I've only ever worn once (just too out-there. I think the denim will counteract this nicely). I also bought a super huge snakeprint clutch bag which is like a pale grey and so therefore will go with everything I own, and is so massive as to be a complete lifesaver over the Christmas period, what with running from work-the boy's-town-party-shopping-work etc. It can double up as a day and evening bag and, since my lovely Accessorize holiday bag has broken (shock!) I figured I was in line for a new one.

My other purchase today: A No.7 nail varnish in Peach Glaze, a kind of sparkly tropical orange, which is soooooo club tropicana and waaaaaay too summery for now but I kind of like how it looks with all the neutrals I wear. And since I was gifted a £5 No.7 voucher by the boy, it only cost me £1.25 anyway. Cheap as chips and twice as nice.

Ebay update: Didn't win the jacket I was stalking. However, did win a rather beautiful looking Topshop Premium black ruffle dress which is surely going to be (providing it a) arrives, b) fits and c) looks pretty) my Christmas party season saviour. In fact I am going to challenge myself to wear the same dress to as many parties as I can, styled up only with varying accessories that I already own. Credit Crunch Challenge, to say the least! But that's what the point of this blog was, at least, in the beginning...it has begun to be sidelined slightly by my incessant chatter and complete disregard for money saving....just when I was doing so well. C'est La Vie, as they say.
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Kayleigh said...

I'm new to blogging and the one im posting from is actually my college blog but you've inspired me to make a personal one!
You remind of a real life Carrie Bradshaw, just on the topic of fashion rather than men! Love your style of writing! x

amie k said...

Aww-how lovely! thankyou for your kind words Kayleigh. Go for it with your blog...make sure you link me up so I can have a look! x

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