Hot Picks Of The Week, Part 3...

....In which I completely dein to offer you any particular products, but instead insist you must pop over to, as they are in sale and there are so many things I want, explaining them all would take too much time and also, run the risk of everyone else snapping up the things I intend to buy come payday. They have a new and fantastic feature in which you can create a virtual shopping 'list', which you can save items too for a period of 30 days. Suffice to say, mine is already longer than is allowed.

Also over on interweb world, check out the new AW collection from Next, a brand who, in seasons past, has never held any appeal to me at all...maybe because I used to work there, so I only associate it with that, or because the sizing is so dubious...who knows. Either way, they have actually hit it spot on for AW09/10, and a feature in Elle won't have done this any harm. In fact, you can shop the entire Elle hot picks collection via a button on the site, it is sooo incredibly easy and I want it all. I faux shopped £175 worth of booty, then closed the page and ordered a Directory. Oh well......

Right, so now I must dash and go back to stalking a rather lovely leather jacket I've spotted over on eBay. I did try to stop shopping. But I'm guessing that's just not in my nature.
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