Wow, Have I Been Slack Or WHAT?!

Hola Stylistas, I have to apologise for the lack of action on the blog front this week...something I seem to be doing all the time of late. Well, I actually have no viable excuses, other than that I seem to have upped sticks from my lil house on the prairie and almost entirely moved into the Boy's abode. Kinda without his knowledge, my stuff seems to have infiltrated his room at an alarming rate. My excitement at his new wardrobe was not just limited to the fact that it was a fantastic vintage bargain, but that also I would now have yet more room to store my clothes which, safe to say, are once again beginning to multiply in manner of a rather virulent bacteria. The point of this blog, in the beginning, was for me to challenge myself to save I'm sure you've all now witnessed, dear reader, it has now become more or a sounding board for stylish expression and "what-to-wear-with-this."

I digress. This week has been so super busy, with trying to squeeze in a whole week of work, plus seeing the Boy, attending a step class (never again) partaking in my weekly dance class session, culminating in a little trip to Plymouth yesterday to see Bloc Party (BP: Awesome. Incredibly thick fog at midnight whilst driving home through some godforsaken backroads: Not so.) And the fun don't stop here: I'm off to a medal presentation this evening, to collect the medals I have been awarded from my dance exams in September. So I'm going to have to cram in some dance practise today, 'cos the Boy hasn't seen me dance before, and I don't want him to witness a below-par performance this evening.

To further pile on the pressure, I'm also fighting a deadline for a magazine article, plus fending off rabid eBay buyers as I try to thin out my overstuffed wardrobe in preparation for the latest hit of pre-christmas clobber. And so it begins: Obviously, a trip to Plymouth yesterday would have been pointless without a visit to the Drake Circus Shopping Centre, in which, I have to confess, I went on a slight bender in Topshop (whilst the Boy was showed much more restraint in Topman.)

All I ended up buying was a belt (black suede, with gold leopards on it), some indigo jeggings, a cute top, a studded sweater, some smart harems (I know, the Boy raised his eyebrows too) and a very cute polka dotted taffeta prom dress. And then in River Island I found my winter wardrobe staple: SEQUINNED harem trousers, the kind that no one ever buys because they can only ever look like clown pants, yet somehow, to me, they seem incredibly wearable and, at £25 in the sale, a bargain too good to pass up. Bless his heart, the Boy cast a wearisome gaze over said garment and deigned to comment, because, being the wonderful human being that he is, understands all too fully the trouble I have saying no to a genie trouser. He knows me so well.

So, there will be pictures a-plenty I'm sure, when I get my act together and actually have some time in the day to sit at my computer and upload them. Also I know, I have a laptop and there should be absolutely no excuse for my slackery, but my computer is older than water and just about as slow as a tortoise on a mountain hike, and incidentally, having the word 'laptop' in its title defies belief as its age only serves to make it heat up incredibly quickly when actually placed on anyones lap, or indeed, anything that isn't a hard surface, so it is used only at home, out of this necessity. Coupled with the fact that the battery life is all of about 5 minutes. It really is time for an upgrade. Should I be prioritising this over new winter clothes? I ask you.
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