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I post about Beauty Pie quite often and since I joined in January 2020, I've found myself gradually switching out pretty much all of my skincare and makeup products over to this brand. Pretty much all of the items I've tried, I've really loved, and whilst there is the odd thing in my routine that isn't from BP, the majority now seems to be!

I don't like wasting products or bulk buying because I don't think makeup and skincare (skincare particularly) keeps very well, so I will use a product up before replacing it. I think when you find a brand you love it can be tempting to throw everything out and start again with a whole new regime, but it's taken me the best part of a year to build up a BP 'collection.' 

I am on the £5 per month subscription which gives me £50 allowance to spend per month. I rarely place an order every month, in fact I probably didn't order for 4/5 months during lockdown simply because I had enough skincare and I completely stopped wearing makeup to be honest. I would usually put my brows on (because they are so nonexistent from years of plucking in my teens) and a bit of blusher/concealer/mascara if I had a zoom call or anything like that but for the most part I stopped using it. This meant I had a good stock left and had no reason to buy any more!

With that said, I got to a point at which everything seemed to have run out at once, and as I had a fair amount of allowance built up, I placed an order to restock. This works best for me as BP charge for postage, which is fair enough but it means it makes sense to place a bulk order rather than lots of little orders here and there (I just prefer to pay one lot of postage!)

I think this lot came to around £60 which made me wince a bit but should hopefully mean that I am set for skincare for the next few months. I do tend to spend more on skincare and raid the Collection 2000 racks for makeup (I'm not very brand loyal, but having found BP and used their products and enjoyed them, I am happy to go back to them for skincare!)

Most of these items were repurchases so I know they work for me and I love them. There were a couple of new bits too, which I will review more fully in another post (I like to give products a decent chance before sharing my thoughts!)

  • Japanfusion Cleanser (member price £7.26) a oil/gel to milk cleanser which I use for my first cleanse to remove makeup. I then use a foaming cleanser (currently Garnier Organic lemongrass detox gel wash) for my second cleanse, as I don't think BP offer an equivalent. This is usually around £6.
  • Super Healthy Skin Sheer Tinted Oil Free SPF 20 in shade Light (£6.73) I've droned on about this in previous posts, it's like a BB cream but with an SPF and this is my third tube of it, pre-Pandemic I would wear this daily as a foundation. It lasts ages and provides light coverage.
  • Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25 (£9.27) This is the best facial SPF I've ever used, it has more of a primer feel than an SPF. I apply it after my skincare and before my foundation. Non greasy, smells amazing (not too suncream-y!) and doesn't clog my skin up. This is my second tube of it and I use it daily.
  • Pure Ceramides Elastic Boost Eye Moisture Serum (£6.97) another repurchase, I think this is my second tube. It's ALWAYS out of stock which is a right pain but luckily there was some availability when I placed my order. It has a rollerball applicator which is really soothing on the eyes and is meant to help with undereye puffiness/tiredness. I use it under my usual eye cream and definitely think it helps make the area smoother and less crepey.
  • Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (£8.88) this is my second bottle of this and it is definitely the reason my crows feet have become less visible! It's pretty potent stuff, I was using it daily and my undereyes got a bit dry so I use it every other day now and that seems to be the sweet spot. 
  • JeJu Daily Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum (£8.60) this was a 'new' purchase as I'd run out of my previous serum, and I love this. Having used it for a couple of weeks, my skin feels hydrated and smooth, the product sinks in really easily and feels lovely to apply.
  • Super Healthy Hair Blow Dry Spray (£7.75) I tried a BP shampoo when they were trialling it a year or so ago and it was super cheap (I think they had a batch with a misprint on the bottle so it was being sold off very inexpensively) and whilst I liked it, I've not repurchased it; I also tried one of their Gloss Boosters (I believe now discontinued) which again, was ok but quite hard to use (I ended up decanting it into a spray bottle to allow a bit more control when applying it!) However I needed a heat shield spray so added this to my basket when I was ordering. I love the smell of it, (coconuts) and I would go so far as to say it does make my hair look quite shiny (but then this could be my shampoo as well!) I use it every time I wash my hair, before I dry it (my hair is too long and thick to dry naturally, I would be waiting for about 2 days!)
  • Superluminous Undereye Genius (£7.28) this product was what I had been waiting for before I placed my order, as I'd heard great things about it! It's a colour correcting concealer that you apply before your regular undereye concealer to even out the skin tone and banish dark circles. I wish I'd read the description properly before I bought it, as the light shade (which I assumed I would be) is meant for blue/green circles and the more apricot shade for brown/purple circles. I have olive/yellow undertones to my skin so actually my dark circles are more purple than blue, but this did still work, albeit more as a concealer than a colour corrector. I've got a dedicated post about this in the pipeline so I will discuss it a little more there.
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