January Empties

I didn't post any December empties, really because I hadn't got through that much since I posted my November round up. As we're nearly at the end of February, January empties might seem a bit redundant but they are (I suppose) really January/February empties as a couple of them I have only just finished off!

I've really found my skincare stride lately and confess to using mainly Beauty Pie products, which I love but I do find that their stock levels fluctuate quite a bit. Of course this is down to Brexit and Covid so isn't really their fault, but as I tend to save up my allowance over a few months and then place a bulk order, it can be frustrating when half of the things I was going to get are out of stock or *horror* discontinued. I fear that this JeJu Daily Rehydration Mist might have gone down that road as it's no longer on the website and usually BP will keep an image of the item with an estimated restock date. It will be a shame if it has gone as I really enjoyed using this and it definitely did make a difference to my skin, in terms of hydration at least. It also smelled really good!

The Blink Brow Bar Daily Brow Cream I posted about here and you can see it has taken me only 2 months to finish the whole thing, with daily use. I wish I could rave about how much it's improved my eyebrows but I saw no discernable difference really which is a shame. It did help keep my brows flat and stop them being too unruly which was definitely a benefit but I wouldn't buy this again. It actually melted a lot in the pot and was quite oily and difficult to use, something I touched on in the first impressions post. The night balm is much better - a lot thicker so you need to use a lot less, I find; it still looks almost full!

The Ordinary Niacinamide was a product I'd heard about a lot but was a bit scared to use, I find The Ordinary products great but quite overwhelming - who knows what to put with which, they look quite medicinal the word 'acid' is bounced about a lot which is somewhat offputting for someone like me who isn't completely au fait with multi level skincare. This, though, was amazing - I used it like a serum, rightly or wrongly (again, can never seem to find thorough, difinitive directions for use) and it cleared up my maskne really well.

I have usually always reached for a makeup removing oil to take my face off at the end of the day, but for some reason the two that I have bought in the past (Super Facialist Cleansing Oil and Superdrug Vitamin C Cleansing Oil) were both out of stock when I went to get them, so I tried this The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter instead. This was really lovely, it had quite a thick consistency so I often used more than I needed as it was difficult to scrape out a small amount! It removed my makeup really well and left my skin soft and not at all dry afterwards. I did however get through it very quicky so it probably isn't the best value for money; I find the cleansing oils last for months so I am hoping for a restock of those soon!

Finally I also finished (well, I say finished, it's dried up so now unuseable!) this Barry M Feature Length Mascara. I am not particularly brand loyal to any mascaras, nor do I purchase expensive ones (I have in the past, but can discern no real difference between a £25 or a £5 one). This was about a fiver and did what it said on the tin; made my lashes appear longer but that was about it. It was a perfectly fine day to day mazzy but probably not one I'd buy again.

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