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This year I tried a beauty treatment I'd never had before - brow lamination. This basically means that the brow hairs are brushed up and 'set' to create a fuller looking brow without the need for extra filling in; they are also tinted to add to the effect. I decided to get this done in September, a lovely friend of mine had hers done and they looked so great I thought I'd take the plunge!

The procedure itself was painless and I loved the results, which last between 4-8 weeks depending on upkeep. You have to brush up your brows each day to set them in to shape, and as the tint has faded I've been filling them in with a little pomade, but apart from that, they are so easy to look after and take about 5 minutes to do in the morning!

To keep them in the best shape, I picked up a few bits from Blink Brow Bar (via TK Maxx!) before lockdown #2 started. I remember Blink Brow Bar launching in 2004 (I must have read several pieces on it in Vogue and Elle, but no hopes of ever attending a bar myself living in deepest North Devon) so I had high expectations of the products and I've not been disappointed so far. In terrible blogger form I already opened and have used these products quite heavily so apologies for the smudgy apperance in the photos!

Brow exfoliator RRP £17 (I paid £1.99) this is a great product I use every few days to smooth the skin around the brows and remove any product build up that my makeup remover doesn't. It also prevents ingrown hairs and is a combination of crushed sugar and sweet almond shell to lift away dead skin and nourish the hair. 

Brow Gel RRP £17 (I paid £1.99) I took a punt on this as the colour was called 'cinnamon spice' and the packaging was sealed but due to the price I thought I'd risk it. it's probably a shade too light but it doesn't really show up on the brows, just allows them to be brushed into shape nicely so actually it works fine for me. 

Brow Conditioning - Day and Night RRP £26 (I paid £1.99) These little pots of balm are lovely - a thick night balm which was of similar consistency to the lotion my therapist gave me after my initial treatment, which is more like a mask, helping to shine, nourish and protect the brows and surrounding skin. The day brow cream is a little lighter and oilier in consistency, containing cocoa and shea butters for softness. Very hydrating, this stops that 'crunchy' effect that can sometimes occur with over-processed brows. I actually find this a bit greasy for everyday use, though I do use it now and then, but the pack was worth buying for the night balm which I use all the time! Definitely worth keepin an eye out for in TK Maxx when it reopens!

So, that's my current brow-care routine, I am hoping to grow them a bit thicker through lockdown #2! What are your tips for great brows?

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