Old But New

Coat gifted by a friend (not sure where it's from!) old Topshop jumper and boots, Gap jeans, vintage bag

I mentioned yesterday that I am really just wearing the same dull clothes over and again as I'm not going out, but on a walk in the sun(!) recently I did make the effort to run a brush through my hair and dig out a different coat to my standard black puffa! This one I was kindly given by a friend who was going to donate it to charity, but I'd always admired it on her so I was happy to take her up on the offer of sending it my way! In return I had a pair of shoes that she had liked but I had never worn, so since we are the same size it worked out well as a swap. It's a really nice way of extending the life of a garment you no longer wear, and definitely helped freshen up my coat collection, although this poor thing's only had one spin round the block the whole year so far!

These Topshop boots have been a really good investment, I think this is the third winter I've had them and they are still going strong. I had to replace the laces because the pair that came with them lasted about ten minutes, I'm not sure why but they wore through and snapped really quickly. But a replacement pair from Timpsons have been much better.

The sunglasses are new (ish) and I got them in the Topshop sale (pre-ASOS buyout) for around £3....I actually ended up buying about 4 pairs of different styles as they were extremely heavily reduced and I like Topshop sunnies. I've definitely got plenty to choose from in the summer months now!

Also can we mention this ridiculous bag. I picked this up from Depop for about £6. I've used it so much the handles are coming unstitched!

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