Throwback Thursday

I recently re-found a vintage dress that I thought I'd lost in a house move, so that was thrilling! It's actually too big for me to wear unless I belt it but over the winter I tried it with a jumper over and tights 'n' boots and it worked nicely for me!

I remember buying this for about a pound I think because I loved the print. It's such a fancy dark floral and great for any time of year - you can see me wearing it in the last photo in the spring with bare legs and very short hair (way back in 2010!) Wish I still had that belt. I think it belonged to a friend and it had broken, the pin had fallen out so I wore it like a sash belt and had to winch it in tightly to stop it coming undone!

I am not perfect when it comes to sustainable fashion, but I do try to by a lot of secondhand, charity shopped, depoped or Ebayed items....and I am more considered when it comes to keeping items for longer, upcycling them and changing them to avoid the constant revolving door wardrobe effect which I know I used to fall foul of a lot of the time. We can only do our best!
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