Review: Swisse Supplements

Swisse Beauty Vitamins for hair, skin and nails *gifted*

I was recently made aware of Australian brand Swisse, who have been producing supplements for over 50 years. Their mantra is 'wellness powered by science and nature' and it's this combination of science and nature that is key in the creation of their extensive range of high quality supplemental products.

Now launching in the UK, the ranges cater to vegetarian and vegan users and offer both multivitamins for daily use along with products targeting specific healthcare needs. There is also Swisse Beauty, which is a range of supplements designed with particular beauty concerns in mind.

I have been very kindly gifted a sample of Swisse Beauty hair, skin and nails tablets. These contain biotin, selenium, and zinc which can help maintain healthy skin and hair and promote strong nails. They also contain pomegranate which is lauded for its antioxidant properties, to aid in anti-aging. 

In the interests of transaprency, I can't comment yet on the efficacy of the product as I believe in giving it a chance! I will check back in once I've finished trying the sample and write a fuller review. 

These supplements, and others, are available at
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