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Skincare via Beauty Pie

I have talked at length about Beauty Pie and how much I love it here, and it would be fair to say that as I finish up currently used beauty bits and pieces, I am replacing them with items from the Pie. I never really thought too much about my skin, apart from making sure I'd taken my makeup off each night and using a moisturiser and eye cream, but I am now being much more proactive with my 'routine' as I have time in the morning and evening to dedicate to it. 

The thing I have really noticed about Beauty Pie (and I've only made a handful of orders since joining in January) is that the quality of the products really is incredible. I actually placed the order for the products above in February, but I wanted to give them a proper chance before reviewing them as I learn years ago you have to let a product have at least 3 weeks to work on your skin.

I bought the Superdrops Flash Facelift mainly because of the name (!) and also because of the Hyulaonic Acid content which is meant to be very hydrating. BP claims that, when used for 6 weeks, you may just agree that they're a miracle. I'd be inclined to - my skin actually does look more smooth and full, and my skin tone is much improved. I'm not sure whether it's just down to this, or whether it's a combination of other tweaks I've made to my skincare routine, but I'll keep using it!

The Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream was another item purchased because my previous eye cream had run out, and for the first few weeks I really felt this got rid of my eye bags! It's a really lightweight cream and sinks in quickly, you don't need very much product so it lasts a long time.

Finally, sunscreen should be an everyday part of a skincare routine and though I always use moisturisers or foundations which contain an SPF, I haven't used a specific one before because I just find them so greasy. This one is not like that at all, it's very soft, sinks in quickly and actually feels more like a primer than a sunscreen, doesn't leave that shiny residue on the skin. 

All three of these products I would certainly repurchase and I'm barely a quarter of the way through the flash face lift drops, so I feel they will last a long time! Another brilliant slice of Beauty Pie.

XO Amie
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