Beauty Pie Review - Super Retinol Hand Cream

Beauty Pie Super Retinol hand cream

I've taken somewhat of an extended hiatus from my blog but given the current state of the world I thought it might be prudent to start up again. I am currently meant to be in Miami with my husband, celebrating my brother's wedding. Unfortuately, Adrian was hospitalised late last week (not Corona luckily, but a nasty respiratory infection) and that, coupled with the unfolding Corona sitution meant our trip had to be postponed. Adrian's extended period of convalescence at home has given me the gift of time, and in order to stop scrolling I thought instead I'd start writing!

An upshot of the constant handwashing has left my paws in a dreadful state so I've been using this Beauty Pie anti-aging retinol handcream nightly. It's lovely; it softens my hands and has helped to reverse the damage caused by the handwashing and anti bac gel! The only negative (if this can be considered a negative) is the smell which is almost like natural yogurt! It's not a bad smell, just not one I would have associated with a hand cream.

Beauty Pie is a buyers club which requires you to pay a membership fee monthly, you are then able to buy high end products at a much lower price than they would be in the shops. The RRP of this handcream is £40 but it cost me £6.49. I am almost through this tube but it's definitely something I'll buy again as I think it's a really lovely product.

I'll be talking a little more about Beauty Pie in future posts but if you want to take a look in the meantime, visit or join through my link here to get £50 extra credit when you sign up (in the interests of transparency, I'll also get a £50 booster on my allowance!) 

XO Amie
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