Spring Faves

Dress and shoes - Topshop (old)

I wanted to share some pictures from last summer which I'd not yet got around to posting! I bought this dress in the Topshop sale maybe at the beginning of summer, and wore it loads - I have actually done the wardrobe switchover from winter to summer clothes this weekend (of course now it's raining) and pulled it out from the depths! Can't wait to wear it again. I love midi dresses, they're so easy to throw on and go, and super flattering too. 

Having a sort through, I realise I'd done that thing again last year where I bought at least two dresses right at the end of summer, and then never had a chance to wear them as it got too cold. So at least I have a couple of new things to wear now it's spring! I've obviously not been charity shopping (they're all closed) so instead I've shopped my wardrobe for new spring things!

These shoes are another fave, I am hoping to find the black version on depop/eBay as they are so comfortable and seem to go with everything (I have the orange version too) It seems a bit counterproductive to have the same style of shoe in varying colours, but when I find a style I love, I wear them constantly, so it makes sense!

XO Amie
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