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Dr Paw Paw balms available here

Sometimes when I find a beauty product I love, I can't help but buy multiples. This isn't good practise really but in my defence all of these products are slightly different. And if we're splitting hairs, I only bought two....I am certain the smallest tube of this wonder product came in a beauty box!

Made and created in Britain, Dr Paw Paw started life as a product to relieve eczema on the daughter of the husband and wife team who created it. Starting life as a multi purpose balm for lips, skin and hair, the range has since expanded to include tinted versions, body conditioners and lip scrubs.

Cruelty free, and with 100% recyclable packaging, Dr Paw Paw is a brand that is working hard to be as sustainable as they can, with all ingredients being ethically and sustainably sourced.

The three products I have are basically the same balms, but one is red tinted (think benetint on the cheeks and lips) one is peach tinted (lovely summer shade) and one is colourless which is ideal for use as a lip balm or hand salve. Each tube lasts absolutely ages and are a staple in my makeup bag!

XO Amie
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