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All items from the Full Panda by Claudia range

It's not often that I buy new makeup, as I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got; or new skincare as I am mostly sorted for that too. But I do like to treat myself at the end of the Boots winter sale, and spend my Boots points! This year I had enough to buy several things from the Full Panda by Claudia Winkleman range, which I thought looked pretty interesting and as a lot of it ended up in the last dregs of the Boots sale, it wasn't expensive either!

I ended up picking up a lipstick and primer duo (which I also got for my mum) a double ended lipstick and a wash bag with lots of travel items in it. I thought it would be nice to put down my thoughts on the range, just in case Claudia does another for Boots next year!

There were lots of different items available in the range, including Claudia's signature smudgy eyeliner pencil and mascara, but I didn't need those or the highlighter that was also in the range (I just don't really wear it) but lipsticks I do like, so the nude lipstick and primer seemed like a good deal. They are really quite nice, the lipstick primer is more like a lip balm, but makes the lipstick application better, and the nude lipstick is simple and would, I think, suit a lot of skin tones, though it is quite a pale nude (as is Claudia's wont!)

The double ended lipstick is a great idea and so useful for a day to night makeup look, without having to take different tubes of lippy with you, as this one does both! The red is really rich and striking and the nude, again, is a classic. They both have a nice smooth texture and are handy colours to have in your armory. 

I picked up the washbag kit mainly for the washbag itself, I love the bamboo design! It was also about £5 once the discount had been taken off. I am glad I didn't pay more because here's where the kit gets disappointing, and I had high hopes for these items! The kit includes the following: 
  • This is Addictive Body Wash Mousse - yes, this is a lovely scented mousse but I wouldn't rate it any more highly than any other common or garden body wash. Nice packaging though! I've finished it, so it can't have been awful.
  • Make Up Off Stick - sadly, this IS awful. I was so excited for it as well, the premise of it being a stick which you use to take off your makeup in one simple easy swipe. The theory is great, the reality is that whilst the stick does remove makeup, it also leaves a greasy film that water won't remove, and even my cleanser struggled to get it off. I bought it for travel but could only really bring myself to use it in the shower as I couldn't get enough of a lather otherwise to remove the residue it left. 
  • Scrub Stick - Another nice idea, again with the greasy film left behind. Maybe this could be a winner if the formulation was looked at.
  • Lip Balm - completely inoffensive, seems a bit like a pot of the lipstick primer. Don't hate it, but have used much nicer lipbalms. 
For the price, I wasn't too disappointed and I will make myself use the items until they're finished, but I wouldn't repurchase unless the formulation was considered, which is disappointing as these would be so good for taking on trips or travelling.

Have you tried any of this range? Let me know how you got on if so, or if there are any tricks to using the makeup off sticks!

XO Amie
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