Products I've Used Up #44

Lush Breath of God solid // Lush Vanishing Cream // Sukin Eye Cream // Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

It's been a hot minute since I've done a 'Products I've used up....' in fact, almost 2 years! I'd sort of got out of the habit of keeping hold of empties to shoot and then because I was using less and just repurchasing what I finished up, I didn't have all that much to talk about. But here are a few absolute classics that I adore and wanted to share.

Obviously Lush will feature as I think they will always have a place in my beauty routine. I've actually also just (almost) finished a Buche de Noel cleanser (I buy it every year at Christmas) finished a Sandstone soap (new favourite) and also finished an Oatifix mask (another favourite, this is at least the 3rd or 4th I've got through) The items here are Vanishing Cream, a beautiful facial moisturiser, and a solid perfume - Breath of God (which isn't actually finished but I have been using it a lot so I am sure I will get through it soon!)

The Vanishing Cream is a lavender moisturiser, I absolutely love it and even though it's one of Lush's more expensive items at £21, I would recommend it highly. The only reason I haven't repurchased it this time is because I discovered Beauty Pie and have bought some other facial skincare (also vegan and cruelty free, and cheaper) but I do love this product.

Breath of God is another incredible Lush scent, I seem to choose Lush fragrance almost exclusively these days. They smell so different to any high street scents and they LAST. I've banged on about how much I like them on many other occasions so that I love this is no surprise!

Another brand I am obsessed with is Sukin, I've used their foaming cleanser for years and loved it, and this eye cream was the second bottle I've got through. Light and quickly absorbed, it has been usurped by a retinol from Beauty Pie but because I am 36 I needed a bit more welly when it came to de-wrinking and a retinol helps that. Still love it though.

Finally, the most pointless and expensive lip balm I've every used, this little tube is a tenner but it WORKS. I used it every day for about a year (it lasted ages) and will I repurchase it? Yes, but only when I've used up my other lip balms (don't want to stockpile). I miss it in the meantime. 

XO Amie

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