A Beige Fave

Dress from ASOS (in 2019) shoes from Topshop (in 2018) 

I had one pic of this dress - I am sure there are probably more - taken in early 2019 before we moved house! As you can tell I have been sufficiently inactive on my blog for that long that I can now post photos like this and they look timely!

This is from ASOS, but I haven't bought anything from there in such a long time. I have really enjoyed shopping in charity shops again, moving to a new town and finding a better selection really helped to reignite the enjoyment! I will get back into the chazzas as soon as lockdown is over.

My shoes are the Topshop ones I have in orange and also white, and continue to search depop and eBay for the black version. They fit so nicely and are really comfortable and cool looking, I think. Great with jeans, dresses, everything!

XO Amie
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