Trial a Trend - See Through Boots (aka what the hell are those)

Stradivarus boots Via TK Maxx (£7)

I mean, who wouldn't want to try out a see through boot? I am sure there are actually quite a lot of people who wouldn't, but when I saw these in TK Maxx for £7 I thought I'd give them a red hot crack. Unlike most plastic shoes, there are neither too high or too strappy, and although I missed the boat on the see through shoe trend by about 2 years, I got them anyway.

Best thing about them - they look quite cool and the heel is low enough to be a comfortable day shoe. Worst thing about them - they are incredibly uncomfortable and make your feet sweat like they are wrapped in plastic (because they are) and then the shoes steam up inside which just looks and feels disgusting, as your feet feel constantly damp. There is a real risk of trenchfoot with these baddies.

Will I wear again? I have kept them in my wardrobe because all ick factor aside, I do actually like the way they look. Maybe good for a night out, but definitely not for wearing for any length of time!

XO Amie
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