Some Beauty Favourites

Beauty Faves: PS Pro nail polish remover // Primark Unicorn sponge blender // Lifeology lemongrass & thyme body lotion // The Body Shop Shea body butter, hand cream, shower cream // INCredibles Jelly Shot lip balm // Primark facial sponges

It's been a while since I posted about beauty faves, but to be honest I haven't needed to buy all that much this year. As part of the approach I take to my consumerism, I have made a concious effort to use up products I already have before buying more. This has been an education - the amount of things that I've had to throw out as they had gone off was scary - and just goes to show that you can quite easily waste money by buying needlessly. 

I posted a little about the unicorn beauty blender I had purchased here and this remains a firm favourite - this is actually my second one of these as beauty blenders don't last a huge amount of time, however I do feel I get the best application of my base from them as opposed to a brush. Whilst in Primark I also picked up this nail polish remover pot. I am trying to buy less plastic so this is a bit of a fail, however at least I can just dip my nails in the pot to remove the polish rather than creating more waste with cotton pads. My final Primark purchase was these facial sponges which are really useful for applying cleanser or removing face masks.

I love The Body Shop and shop there often, and I recently got a £5 voucher through my loyalty card. I ended up buying a pack of Shea items (which is my favourite scent) and this included a body butter, hand cream and shower cream. It was already reduced to £9 so came to just £4 with my voucher! They are only mini sizes so great for travel. I also picked up this Lifeology body lotion from M&S - again reduced with a voucher - as I had seen this range and wanted to try it. It's lovely and I would definitely purchase from this line again.

The INCredibles Jelly Shot lip balm was an impulse purchase - reduced in Boots to £1. I love the idea of this - the translucent jelly bullet has a real flower inside it - but I had read in several reviews that it wasn't the most sturdy product, and sure enough, the bullet snapped away from the base after a handful of uses which was disappointing. I used it as much as I could after that but it just kind of disintegrated, so this isn't something I'd look to buy again, even though the idea was a good one!

XO Amie

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