Best Budget Beauty Blenders

Budget beauty blenders

I have used a beauty blender over a brush to apply foundation for a few years now, and the downside of the tool is the longevity. I find that I can use a decent brush for the best part of a year before I have to replace it, but beauty blenders don't last nearly so long. As a result, I try to look out dupes of the more expensive, branded ones which can cost upwards of £20 - not the most practical purchase when you might only get a few month's use from it.

Of course I've bought some cheap duds as well as finding some great alternatives, so I thought I'd share a few recent finds which I really rate!

1. Superdrug Lipstick Shaped Blending Sponge at just £1, I didn't have much hope for this blender but it really surprised me! It expands on being dampened with water and is really soft. I bought it because I wanted a tool to help me apply concealer under the eye, and the angular shape of this tool does that beautifully. A recommended purchase!

2. The Body Shop Cosmetic Sponge Blender this one is the most expensive of all the blenders I've tried and ironically, probably my least favourite. It is made of quality latex free sponge, but although it's a good shape, it's not a soft sponge at all and is a bit like applying foundation with a pebble. I have used it for concealer and the pointed end is pretty good for around the eyes, but I wouldn't buy it again.

3. Primark Unicorn Horn Blender This is just £1.50 and is lilac with gold glitter running through it. I bought it to see how it would compare to another blender I had from Primark and I liked it so much I've bought it again (this is the second one!) The shape and size is great for applying foundation and the sponge itself is super soft.

4. PS Professional Velvet Blender This Primark PS Beauty blender was £3 and worth every penny - this is the closest dupe to the Real Techniques sponges that I've found. A great shape - the flat edge is great for foundation - and really soft to use, without soaking up too much product. This is a winner, so if you spot one in your local Primark, pick it up!

XO Amie
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