Chameleon bottle by Root 7

There has been so much press over the last few years about the damage done by single use plastics, and whilst it's devastating to see the destruction they are causing to our planet, it has brought about a much needed level of awareness. I personally try to take a refillable bottle with me when I go out, or to work, and have stopped buying single use plastic bottles or coffee cups. There are also companies out there that want to help us #DrinkDifferently and Chameleon is one of them!

A tiny team of just 6 people have worked tirelessly to develop a new kind of reusable bottle to bring to the market. It's not only chic to look at  - it's also colour changing! Great for kids young and old, and to help educate a new generation on waste and the importance of eradicating the 'single use' culture. Here's what Root 7 say:

'We all need extra motivation to drink more water and reduce the use of plastic water bottles. We don’t pretend to be the first resuable water bottle, but we do hope that our design inspires more people to ditch plastic and save our planet and their pennies!
We have created a fun hydration bottle coated with a specially developed colour paint which allows you to keep track of how much you are drinking daily from a simple colour change.
As the cold water activates the colour change, empty sections of warmer air return the bottle back to white, allowing you to stay on top of your hydration target.'

I love the peach colour, but the bottle also comes in purple and blue, so there's something for everyone. The bottle comes with a silicon jacket in a matching shade to keep it safe from knocks and scrapes. The project is hosted on Kickstarter, and you can preorder your bottle here.

It's a great product which will support an ongoing and important cause, so if you are looking for an upgrade to your current water bottle, check Chameleon out!

XO Amie
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