Red Shoes

Until this summer I wasn't much of a fan of a brightly coloured shoe. Back in the fashion wilderness of the early noughties, I was known for a colourful court shoe - I had a bright pink pair and a bright yellow pair from Faith (!) that I would wear on a night out. However I did forgo these eventually for more sensible footwear choices - both in heel height and colourway!

I picked up this pair of red sandals towards the end of last summer so I didn't have much of an opportunity to wear them. I don't like to buy out of season if I can avoid it but I was taken by these and I knew I'd get the wear from them. This summer they've come into their own - along with the bright orange woven pair I've also got - and they make such an nice contrast to the more neutral colours I wear on a daily basis.

Whether it's a bright red trainer worn with blue jeans and a white shirt, or a colourful sandal to brighten up a basic work outfit, there's something really lovely about the way a hot hue can bring a touch of the summer to any look. Even if brights aren't your thing at all, giving them a try by way of an accessory can be a great starting point.

XO Amie

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