Summer 10 x 10 - Look Five

Wearing: Topshop skirt (similar here) Topshop sandals (similar here) Urban Outfitters top (similar here)

For day 5 of the 10 x 10 I pulled out one of the only pieces I had actually bought for summer - this linen skirt from Topshop. I got it in the sale for £20 mainly because I love wearing natural fabrics and it was half price. I like the design but I'm not convinced it's that flattering. I also don't think it works that well with this top, but it's good to share what didn't work so well as well as what did!

I think I would have preferred this with a t shirt tucked in but we were still in the grip of the heatwave during the 10 x 10 challenge so it made sense to get another wear out of this UO crop top. I really like the pieces separately, I'm not sure that together they look quite as I'd hoped but one thing I do love is the shoes! They are so comfortable and I've worn them an awful lot this summer, which is funny because when I first bought them I wasn't sure if I would, being as they're not a 'neutral' but they do seem to go with everything!

XO Amie
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