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It's been a minute since I uploaded to my blog and I wanted to talk about a couple of products in particular in this beauty post. One of them is a complete newbie and one is an old favourite, and as I've bought very little in the way of beauty products of late, it's nice to have something to talk about!

I was lucky enough to win the Body Crush in a Facebook competition. I actually won two - [don't worry Casey, yours is going in the post ASAP!] - and I am really looking forward to using it because I love body scrubs like this. I currently use a Body Shop one - I talk about it here - and I was able to find a few pots of it left in the sale after Christmas, so I stocked up. I'm just getting started on my last pot, so it's good to have this as a backup! The product itself is a chunky salt scrub, scented amazingly with fig and vanilla. It's quite a summery scent, making it perfect for this time of year. It contains no parabens or microbeads, is vegan friendly and also zero waste [no more plastic!] To use, you massage over the skin to slough away dead cells, and then rinse under the shower.

Summer is well underway and I performed the summer perfume switch around last weekend. My scent prior to this was Bronze Goddess, a favourite which I save exclusively for the summer as it honestly smells like holidays in a bottle. I think this must be my third bottle of this scent now - it's just lovely. I'm gutted it's run out but I am determined to use up my overstocked perfume collection before I buy more. Currently, I'm working through the following:
  • Stella McCartney POP which I bought blind, don't hate, but am looking forward to finishing. It's a bit sweet for my tastes and is aimed at Millenials, which I am not, so I don't really think it's quite right for me, but it's an easy everyday scent that isn't too overpowering.
  • Zara 01 Magic Onsen, which is a bonkers name for a fresh and clean scent that I bought in the sale and love. It's perfect for this time of year and smells like the seaside and clean cotton.
  • Coach signature fragrance which is a rather 'grown up' scent but really easy to wear and even though it's quite sweet and fruity, this is tempered with a darker wood and rose undertone.
  • Lalique Perles de Lalique, which was another blind buy from Boots in the sale incredibly inexpensively, and I bought it because I'd read it smells like one of my signature scents, YSL Elle. [Spoiler - it does] this is probably more of an evening scent but I think sparingly it could be worn during the day as well.
  • New Look Devotion which is a very cheap dupe for Chloe edp, and does the same job very convincingly - I've had the real deal and they are difficult to tell apart!
  • The Library of Fragrance Honeysuckle and The Library of Fragrance Fresh Coconut, which I bought towards the end of last year along with a few other Library of Fragrance perfumes for 50p each. Their scents are singular and literal!
So as you can see I have a few to get through - don't think I need to buy any new perfumes for a while!

XO Amie
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