Summer Sale Wardrobe Picks

This summer has been wonderful in terms of weather. I barely feel as if I need a summer holiday, such as it's been - being able to wear things I would usually reserve for trips abroad has been such a treat. I've come a little unstuck however, in sourcing office-apropes workwear suitable for a heatwave. It's a bit of a minefield - I've got lots of lovely things, but they are better worn at the beach than the boardroom. So, I took full advantage of the summer sales to pick up a few bits and pieces that I thought could work well for the 9-5 as well as the weekend!

Footwear seems a strange thing to buy when the temperature hits the 30s but a smart sandal hybrid is a must for work. These Topshop ones are just £15 and also come in black. I also took the opportunity to buy a novelty summer shoe - these are just so perfect for the hot weather, yet masquerade as a court shoe (sensibles). OG readers will remember in one of my first posts back in 2009 (!) I talked about a pair of woven shoes which I was obsessed with. I wore them to a festival (WTF) and subsequently ruined them, and the elusive woven shoe is something I've longed to replace in my wardrobe since. These are nothing like them, but they are woven and look comfy. They also come in white. Sold!

Linen is a favourite summer fabric and a midi skirt is the perfect workwear piece because it's cool without being too short. I have a handful of midi's I wear in rotation and this one is more than welcome to the party. I  like the button down detail and subtle print. On the topic of bottoms, I picked up a pair of shorts in Zara recently too - now, I personally wouldn't wear shorts this short to work however, if your pins and dress code allow it, why not!? They have sold out, but these could look smart with a heel and blouse tucked in.

A wide legged trou is also a summer wardrobe must have. These cotton ones from Monki are surprisingly wearable and incredibly comfortable. I thought it would be a dangerous game buying white trousers, but fingers crossed, I've so far avoided any spillages and they are actually very easy to wear with everything I have in my wardrobe already. I like to pair them with this Topshop top, another floaty cotton beauty which keeps you cool but covered. I wouldn't wear a strap top to my office, personally, so this is a great option.

What are your summer essentials?

XO Amie
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