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Wearing: ASOS beret (similar) // Vintage jumper (similar) // Vintage leather skirt (similar) // Topshop boots (ancient - similar here) Vintage bag (similar here)

As part of my ongoing commitment (to myself!) to by less and buy better, my passion for vintage clothing has definitely been reignited. Instead of constantly looking to buy new, I have been carefully going through my wardrobe and pulling out things that I haven't worn as much as I would have liked to, putting different looks together and trying out new things. 

One of the pieces I found in such a sort out was this leather skirt. I actually bought this from We Are Cow at Topshop, and I don't usually buy 'vintage' from high street stores if I can help it because sadly, it's usually quite overpriced. However, this skirt was £20, which, when I tried it on, I was happy to pay. A leather skirt has always been a staple in my wardrobe and I've had a couple of different ones over the years, but I think this one is the holy grail - it fits beautifully, isn't too short and has such a lovely cut to it. The last skirt I had was the vinyl version as part of the Alexa Chung collection, and try as I might I just couldn't make it work for me, so it went on to a better home. This one, however, is a much better fit and I think it will work great with bare legs and ballet flats in the summer too.

My jumper is a few years old now, I picked it up at a kilo sale and it's the perfect spring jumper beacuse the arms are huge, so it's impossible to wear a coat over it! Unfortch it's also a bit itchy so I would normally wear a long sleeved top or a t shirt under it but that makes it perfect for warmer spring days, when a coat isn't needed. Finally my boots are from Topshop, I bought them a couple of years ago as well but they have just gone on and on. They are the sock boot style with a zip at the back and I love the feature heel. They are so comfortable and the sort of heel I can get on board with - I think my days of six inch stilettos are behind me now!

XO Amie
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