The Irony of 'Saving for Best'

Ted Baker candle, £1, John Lewis (still on sale here, but not for £1 unfortch!)

I've been meaning to post this snap for a while and since, this candle has been fully burned down. I spotted it in John Lewis and ended up buying 2 of them because they were £1 each instead of something crazy like £30, because the boxes they were in were damaged. I mean, the cardboard went straight in the recycling anyway, and the candles were both in perfect condition so that didn't worry me at all.

The trouble with expensive candles is that you don't want to burn them. They're 'too nice' to use, should be saved 'for a special occasion.' I totally used to think this way, and then I realised that all the scent had evaporated from a particularly lovely scented candle I'd been 'saving' which made me wonder....what's the point of keeping things for best, if they are there to be enjoyed in the moment?

In an effort to stop keeping clutter and surrounding myself with 'things', candles have been the item that I've been using the most. I find scented candles so relaxing, and I love the ambiance they give to a room. I had quite the collection, but I've worked through quite a few of my faves - they are there to be used and enjoyed, and burning them did give me joy!

This candle, London, was quite a woody/leathery scent, and the throw was great - I placed it in my hallway and the scent permeated through the flat beautifully. The other one I bought, Sydney,  was a lighter, beachier scent and this worked well in my bathroom (I haven't quite finished it yet!) I don't think I'd pay full price for this candle, but it was a lovely one and if I ever saw it on offer again I'd probably pick one up. It's a small way to make a house more homely, to add a bit of delicious scent and soft lighting into a room, which is super relaxing and one of the ways I choose to unwind when I get home from work; light my candles, have a cup of tea and roll out my yoga mat to rinse the day away.

XO Amie
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