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Wearing: Archive by Alexa Chung at M&S coat (similar here) // New Look jumper (similar here) // Primark beret (similar here) // Zara jeans (similar here) // Whistles loafers (similar here)

It would appear impossible these days that you can buy a pair of jeans which haven't had the hems hacked off, but luckily for me I'm not mad about this trend. I do feel that they always look better with a nice sandal, though, or a loafer, because they are impossible to tuck in to boots without that ankle ballooning effect! My denim count is now at 6 pairs and I wear probably 5 of them on rotation (I have one pair which I am not overly enamoured with so I might part with them.) 

Denim is a pain to get right and my ASOS Thea girlfriend jeans (worn in this post, along with many, many others) are my all time favourites. However, from stage left comes this Zara pair to steal their thunder - I am obsessed! They cost me a tenner in the sale and the fit is just perfect. They are 100% cotton, so that proper thick denim that is super flattering and I love the colour - the perfect stonewash. They do have a bit of that pre-made distressing which I could do without, but to be honest, I can deal with that. They are super high waisted too, which is something else I like in my denims.

I feel this look is pretty similar to the last one I posted and whilst I am trying not to be formulaic in my dressing, it's difficult when I have things I just love to wear, because I want to wear them consto. This coat! I am still so into it even though it's just done it's second winter season - it was £99 (and a gift) but it was worth it, I've worn it pretty much daily and it is still in great condition. And what's not to love about a navy coat!

I tried to bring a flash of brightness into the mix with this red beret which I found in Primark. I rarely shop there, but in the interest of money saving, I could get this beret for £4 or the Topshop version (identical bar the label inside) for £18, so it was a bit of a no brainer. For anyone who is a bit unsure of bright colours (like me) something like this is a great way to introduce it into a look without feeling overwhelmed. I find the same with clothing - I can wear a red jumper, I just need to turn the volume down on it with my navy coat over the top!

These Whistles loafers have also served me well but they are looking a little ropey now. I am undecided on whether to have them resoled and heeled, along with my all time favourite sandals - in preparation for another season of wear, or if I should just buy new? I think I might treat them to a bit of TLC, they were expensive new and are so comfortable. In keeping with my conscious shopping as well it makes sense. It's the way of the world though when you know you could probably buy new for less of the cost of a repair - it's a mindset I'm hoping to change.

XO Amie
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