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I headed straight to Lush on payday and I only had one thing in mind, which was to buy a new pot of my all time favourite face powder, Emotional Brilliance. It sets my makeup perfectly and doesn't go dry or flakey like some other powders do - I bought a cheaper alternative last month because I had to spend out quite a bit on my car, but it really wasn't that great and I used it all but I wouldn't buy it again. It isn't exceptionally expensive at £12.50, and it does last for ages. I was thrilled to see Lush have redesigned the packaging - the last pot I bought came in a small glass pot which didn't have a sieve on the lid, so you'd end up using or spilling much more than you needed to and it was also quite awkward to pick up on a brush. This packaging is so much better! 

Of course it's impossible to walk into Lush and leave with just one item, and even though I am aware the staff are upselling, the products are so good it's no great risk to take a punt on something. Made from a seaweed base, this jelly mask is bizarre but too good not to try out - chamomile and marigold combine to make a smoothing and softening mask. I tried it out in store on my hand - you simply tear a bit of the jelly from the mould, rub between dry hands to make a paste, and apply to the face. This was £6.50 and I'm hoping it will make my face as soft as it did my hands!

Finally I also recently picked up a new beauty blender. I had seen reviews on this Body Shop one over the internet and it looked really good - I like the extended pointed end which allows real precision application of concealer under the eyes and around the nose. It's a lot less squishy than my last beauty blender which I got from Primark (featured here) but I'm hoping it will soften up with use. The Primark one has almost torn in half now hence the need to get the new one - although, it's lasted pretty well seeing as I got it in early November. With daily use I don't find beauty sponges last that long; even my Real Techniques ones have had to be replaced now. I suppose with the constant squeezing, washing, drying and usage, especially on a surface that isn't as robust as brush bristles, they just don't have the lasting power. But for a fiver, this one doesn't break the bank!

XO Amie
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