Bowie Boots

I have wanted a pair of silver boots for ages and I picked up this pair from Spartoo towards the end of last year (I featured them here). Fashion posts have been somewhat lacking on my blog this year so far and it's simply because I haven't had the time or the lighting to shoot them; the depths of winter are always the most difficult photography wise and if Adrian is at work, it just doesn't happen. I've tried to self-shoot a few times with a tripod but I can never get the pictures to look how I'd like them to, he always does a much better job!

It's a fairly plain look but one of my favourites. This Archive by Alexa coat is taking on it's second winter with aplomb; I think it looks great, I still love the style and the cut and it's been nice not having to invest in another new coat this year. I am of course still obsessed with these ASOS girlfriend jeans, I have another pair similar now which I got in Zara recently which is helpful as these ones are much better for spring and summer, with that huge hole in the knee!

Unusually for me this season I've invested in a bit of brightness in my wardrobe - this red jumper from H&M is not something I'd normally go for but the cut and fit (and sale price) swung it and I've been loving wearing it with denim. I also bought a pink jumper from Weekday (who am I again?!) and I've been enjoying pairing that with a few other fave items. I'll never go far from navy, camel, black and cream but a splash of brightness now and again doesn't hurt.

I'll try much harder with outfit posts going forward although I think they are likely to be less interesting considering I buy so much less these days; I definitely wouldn't consider myself to be on the pulse in terms of the latest looks but I like what I like and I'll keep wearing my favourites!

XO Amie
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