Favourite Earrings

For years I was never that interested in wearing earrings, the reason being that I have very sensitive ears and 'costume' earrings usually irritate them quite badly even after a short wear. I think in recent years, though, with the reduction of the use of nickel, costume jewellery isn't as abrasive as it used to be!

I've tried a few different styles lately and I can just about manage to wear these for the whole day, I have to take the following day earring-free to let my lobes recover but it's worth it! I have currently got 3 pairs in my collection and I love the way they can really finish an outfit. The statement face pair are a real talking point and are perfect for lifting a simple look. The sleek abstract shape pair are quite edgy and work in a similar way to classic hoops, they're really chic. The blue stone pair are so 80s but I love the bright coloured stone and the sculptural style.

Having tried a few pairs of earrings out, I've decided to build on my collection in 2018. Jewellery isn't something I have a lot of - I wear the same rings and necklaces daily - but earrings are a simple way to change up a look without spending a fortune!

XO Amie
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