Wardrobe New In - Winter 2017

I've not posted a fashion update/shopping post since JULY and this is because I have been spending my money elsewhere (moving house!) and before we moved into our new place, we had to leave our old one so for a month or so I was living in Weston-super-Mare and commuting into work each day, which was fine but it meant that my petrol costs went up from around £30 per month to almost £60 a week at one point, as I was doing tons of driving. I think also when you are moving house, the last thing you want is to buy more stuff, because you're already having to ferry your old stuff about and also, moving house means you see all of your stuff in one place which makes you fully appreciate how much you have, and how much you don't want to add to it!

Of course before we moved I had a huge clearout, we left our old place at the beginning of September and moved into our new place at the beginning of October so I had a right mishmash of winter and summer clothes on the go - when we moved it was still lovely and warm but by October it was decidedly chillier. I still mean to have another sort out of my winter clothes but there wasn't too much I was lacking, however when I did have a bit of spare cash I treated myself to a couple of new things for the season ahead.

I will probably take a look in the sales after Christmas as there are still a couple of bits I'd like to pick up, but for now, my winter wardrobe is looking good! I needed to get a couple of new pairs of trousers (which I haven't managed to do as yet, but hope to pick them up in the sales) and of course I have a Finery wish list as long as my arm but again, I'm holding out for the sales to shop!

So, what have I bought? The first item is probably the least practical, but I saw these horsebit sandals on the Topshop website and since they were in the sale, I added them to my basket! I've been looking for a red shoe for ages; it's not something I owned before but I thought these would work with festive outfits or alternatively be really good in the summer (I try to avoid buying out of season, but I loved these!) They were £25 and unfortch are now out of stock in the red, but also come in a lovely silver leather which would be perfect for the party season.

Also from Topshop, I picked up some Orson jeans, which are a lovely slim leg fit. I was looking for an alternative to standard skinnies and these fit the bill nicely. They are also high waisted and super flattering. I also got this checked shirt, which I loved because of the sleeves and the jewelled collar - the perfect festive piece which I can wear without feeling overly dressed up! Finally I also bought a jumper, which is super soft and comfortable - perfect for colder climes! Finally, what would winter fashion shopping be without a new pair of boots? These Betty London ones are so cool, definitely more of a 'night out' boot though!

There were a few other pieces that didn't make the photocall, but which I have been wearing and loving so far this winter!

This Weekday jumper - I think I'll do a post on 'how to wear colour when you don't wear colour!' 
This Reclaimed Vintage blouse - perfect with velvet trousers and loafers,
This Reclaimed Vintage top, which I'll wear with smart trousers and heels for Christmas nights out.

I think overall, my winter wardrobe is pretty sorted! Just to find some nice day to day trousers I can wear for work, and then I think I'll be done for the season. I must admit I am enjoying shopping a bit less - it makes the things I do buy a lot more special and they get more wear, rather than just being worn once or twice and then consigned to the back of the wardrobe!

XO Amie
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