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Samples from counters/magazines/anywhere I can get my hands on them!

I've read a lot of interesting articles lately on bloggers and influencers and the amount of money that they spend 'keeping up with the game' or 'doing it for the gram.' It's apparent that a lot of so-called 'hauls' on YouTube, especially those prefixed with the title 'I Spent £5,000 on ASOS' aren't so much clickbait but aren't entirely honest in that the person buying the products has no intention of keeping them - with the 'try before you buy' ease of credit services like Klarna you really can spend £5k, post your haul, and send everything back before having to pay your bill.

What strikes me, as I try to shop more consciously and avoid the so called haul mentality (and it's not easy!) is that so many influencers must feel that they have to show the latest products and must have items on their blogs or instagrams in order that they'll get the likes and follows they crave to build their following. It's a sad state of affairs and is, I suppose, another way of 'buying' followers by keeping ahead of the game and showcasing that must have item or super massive haul on their feed. 

I've gone a bit off topic but something I've enjoyed doing, especially when it comes to beauty products, is to pick up samples where I can rather than investing in expensive items which might not suit me. Unlike in the states, makeup and skincare, once opened, can't be returned to stores so buying something for a photo isn't really an option for me. Samples, whether found in a magazine or from a trip to a counter, are a great entry point into a brand and they are a brilliant way of testing the water with a product to see if it's for you.

I realise that some of the samples I have featured here are not from ethical brands and I am consciously trying to buy better, more natural products, vegan or vegetarian products and cruelty free products. I was saving up magazine samples to take on holiday with me, and still do (the little shampoo sachets are great for this!) but the sample stack in my bathroom cabinet had started to get a little out of control so I will definitely be working my way through some of those and any of the ethical branded ones that I love, I will certainly be sharing or looking to purchase a full sized product.

XO Amie
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